Check CIBIL Score Free Online by PAN Number

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This article will give you a step by step guide to check your CIBIL score using your PAN card.

How to Check CIBIL Score Online (Free) With PAN Card

You can easily check your CIBIL score for free online. Just follow the steps given below -

STEP 1: Go to the official CIBIL website and click on ‘Get Your Free CIBIL Score’.

STEP 2: First, create an account. Then enter your email (your future username), and create a strong password. 

STEP 3: Fill in your name, and choose any document from the drop down menu. Then enter the details of that document as mentioned. 

STEP 4: Fill in your other details like date of birth, PIN code, and state. Finally enter your mobile number and click on ‘Accept and Continue’. Make sure you have the mobile phone with you at that point.

STEP 5: You will receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Continue’.

STEP 6: Next, you will be asked if you want to pair the device with your account. In case you are accessing the CIBIL website from a secure device (your personal laptop or mobile), click on ‘Yes’. Choose ‘No’ if you have logged in from a public or shared device (library or internet cafe). Finally, click on ‘Continue’.

STEP 7: The message ‘You have successfully enrolled!’ will be shown on the screen. Now you can click on ‘Go to Dashboard’ to view your CIBIL score. 

After you have made an account on the website, you can simply click on ‘Member Login’ and visit your dashboard using your credentials. 

Why Your PAN Card is Key for Checking Your CIBIL Score?

Your Permanent Account Number (PAN) is the most important document when it comes to banking and credit products. It is a unique number that verifies your identity, and is also linked to all the bank accounts you own. 

Thus, the PAN card has all information related to your financial history and credit behavior. It makes it easier for credit bureaus to track loans you might have taken from multiple banks. 

But you can also check your CIBIL score if you don’t have a PAN card. In such a case, you just need either your Passport, Voter ID, Ration card, or Driver’s License.

Will Changing My PAN Affect My Credit Score?

In case you have lost your PAN card and have requested a duplicate, you have nothing to worry about. Your duplicate PAN will also have the same number, thus it cannot impact your credit score. 

Please note that if you apply for a new PAN while having an old one, the credit bureau may raise an enquiry about your account.

CIBIL score check Online vs Credit score check Online

You must have heard the terms credit score and CIBIL score being used interchangeably, but they are not the same. 

Suggested Reading: Credit Score vs. CIBIL Score

Your credit score is a three digit number that depicts your creditworthiness. It is generated by credit information bureaus after various lending and banking companies share customers’ repayment behavior with them.

CIBIL, also commonly known as TransUnion CIBIL now, stands for Credit Information Bureau India Limited. It is an Indian credit bureau that generates credit scores. It is the most commonly used credit score in India, with over 90% loan companies using it. 

How to Make Sense of My Credit Score?

Now that you know how to check credit score online, it is important to understand what the numbers mean. The range of the CIBIL is 300 - 900, and this is what it means - 

CIBIL Score Range Creditworthiness

750 - 900


700 - 749


650 - 699


600 - 649

Needs Improvement

Below 600

Immediate Action Needed

Why Should I Conduct Regular CIBIL Score Checks?

It is important to stay aware of your credit scores as they determine your eligibility for any form of credit. 

Here are some reasons why you should regularly check your CIBIL score


Building a good CIBIL score is essential, as you never know when you might need a big loan. When you have a high score, you have more power to negotiate and can get loans at more affordable rates.

Checking your score is a very easy procedure and can be done for free on the CIBIL website. So monitor your credit score and maintain good financial health.

Check CIBIL Score Free Online by PAN Number - Related FAQs

If you are searching for how to know CIBIL score without a PAN card, the steps are similar. Just choose any other document from the list, and use its details. You can use your Passport, Voter ID, Ration card, or Driver’s License instead of your PAN. 

When you check your credit score, it is called a soft check, which doesn’t affect your score. But when you apply for loans, companies check your credit score, which is known as a hard check. Too many hard checks make you look credit hungry, which may lower your credit score.

Yes, your credit score is calculated depending on your credit cards and loan accounts linked to your current PAN.

Yes, you can. After opening an account on the CIBIL website, login using your credentials, and go to ‘My Account’ → ‘Get Your Free Report’ to get your full credit report.

Loan companies send your information to the credit bureau every 30-45 days, and your credit score also gets updated in that same frequency. 

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