How to Raise Dispute in CIBIL Report

Occasionally, your credit report may contain typographical errors, inaccurate information, mismatched data, or inconsistencies that could adversely affect your loan and credit card applications.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of raising a dispute in CIBIL.

Types of CIBIL disputes

There are two main categories of CIBIL disputes:

Individual Disputes

Inaccuracies in your CIBIL Report can pertain to personal information and issues with duplicate accounts.Personal information discrepancies may involve errors in your name or address. For instance, Sumit Malhotra might be mistakenly recorded as Sumit Mehrotra.

Duplicate accounts can occur when a single loan account is erroneously listed twice in your CIBIL Report, leading to a lower credit score.

Company/Commercial Disputes

Company disputes can arise from incorrect ownership details, duplicate accounts, data inaccuracies, and similar issues.
The authorized signatory of the company has the authority to initiate the dispute resolution process by completing the CIBIL dispute form.

However, certain information cannot be rectified through the dispute resolution mechanism. This includes account numbers, member names, enquiry dates, and control numbers.

How to Raise Dispute in CIBIL?

To raise a dispute regarding any discrepancies in the CIBIL Report or Company Credit Report (CCR), individuals can opt for the convenient online CIBIL dispute resolution process available on the official TransUnion CIBIL website. Existing CIBIL members can directly initiate a dispute by accessing their CIBIL member account.

Follow the following simple steps to initiate a dispute:

Step 1: Access myCIBIL using your designated username and password.

Step 2: Proceed to the Credit Report Section, locate the relevant sub-section, and select "Raise a Dispute."

Step 3: Complete the provided dispute form and choose the appropriate section that requires dispute resolution.

Alternatively, users can also utilize the CIBIL online dispute resolution form without logging into myCIBIL by visiting the URL mentioned below:

If you wish to address the inconsistencies in your CIBIL Report, online dispute resolution provides the swiftest solution. Alternatively, you can opt to submit a written letter to the registered office in Mumbai, the details of which are provided below:

TransUnion CIBIL Limited
One World Center, 19th Floor, Tower 2A and 2B,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel, Mumbai – 400 013

Alternatively, you can download the CIBIL dispute form from the CIBIL website. Fill out the form and attach any supporting documentation. Then send the form to the above-shared address.

By adhering to these steps, individuals can effectively address any concerns or discrepancies in their credit reports, ensuring accuracy and fairness in their credit profiles.

CIBIL Consumer Dispute Resolution

After you raise a CIBIL dispute, errors are scrutinised and the disputed fields are marked as ‘under dispute’. CIBIL then takes up the matter with your lender and rectifies mistakes. 

You will receive email updates with your CIBIL dispute status every 7 days and an SMS as soon as your report is corrected. It's important to note that during this process, CIBIL does not make any changes to your report directly. 

It first approaches the concerned financial institution and after authorisation, makes the necessary amendments. 

Since the turnaround time for this process can take up to 30 days, it's best to keep tabs on your account and resolve matters internally before the data is submitted to CIBIL.


It is advisable to routinely review your credit report for any discrepancies in personal and account details, payment history, existing credit information, collateral or security details, and more. 

How to Raise Dispute in CIBIL - Related FAQs

To fill out a CIBIL dispute form online - 

  • Go to the CIBIL website and log in to your account.
  • Click on the 'Credit Reports' tab.
  • Under 'Dispute Centre', click on 'Dispute an Item'.
  • Select the section of your report that you want to dispute.
  • Enter your contact information.
  • Provide details of the dispute.
  • Attach any supporting documentation.
  • Click on 'Submit'.

To check the status of a CIBIL dispute, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the CIBIL website and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the 'Dispute Center' tab.
  • Under 'My Disputes,' you will see a list of all the disputes that you have raised.
  • Click on the 'View Status' link next to the dispute that you want to check.
  • You will see the status of your dispute, including the date it was raised, the date it was resolved, and the resolution.

You can also check the status of your dispute by calling CIBIL customer care at 1800 266 2222.

The average time required for CIBIL to resolve a dispute is 30 days.

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution provided, you have the option to initiate a new dispute resolution request, including the details of the previous request.

Yes, it is advisable to verify this with CIBIL since they cannot modify the credit report without receiving relevant information from the lender.

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