Can We Use Debit Card in ATM?

The versatile nature of debit cards makes them an integral part of our daily lives. Debit cards can be used to pay for purchases at merchant outlets, withdraw money from ATMs, and shop online.

In this article, let us understand how to use a debit card in ATM. 

How to Use A Debit Card?

You can use the debit card when purchasing at retail stores, online, and ATMs. Let us look at how you can use a debit card in detail.

Use Debit Card At Retail Stores

Follow these simple steps to use your debit card at a store or restaurant.

Use Debit card Online

Using a debit card online is another easy way to pay for your purchase without any hassle. Here’s how to do it!

Use a Debit Card At an ATM

If you are wondering, how can you use a debit card at an ATM, follow the steps mentioned below.

Services You Can Perform With A Debit Card At ATM

You can perform a number of actions at the ATM. They are

There are ATMs that allow you to pay for your insurance premium as well. You can contact your bank for further assistance. 

Points to Remember When Using ATM

Cash withdrawals with a debit card are very convenient. Additionally, you can shop online and make regular purchases. Make sure there are funds available in your account before you make a withdrawal. 

Your bank account and debit card are connected directly, so any unauthorized transactions or mistakes will negatively impact your checking account. To ensure the security of your funds, only use ATMs that are less vulnerable to fraud. You can choose ATMs that are inside a building or with a security guard.


Debit cards are multifunctional and offer a convenient way to carry money without hassle. While debit cards can be used for online purchases and at retail vendors, their main function is helping us withdraw money from ATMs. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to know how you can use debit at the ATM to withdraw money.


Yes. On the service section, choose “Deposit Money/Cash” and enter the amount you wish to deposit. Place the amount in the cash dispenser. Once the money is deposited, you will receive a notification for the same.

Yes. You can use a debit card at any ATM. However, banks might charge additional fees for the usage of debit cards from other banks.

Record the time and date of the transaction and immediately file a complaint with the respective bank if the money has been debited from your account. 

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