List of Housing Finance Companies in India

In India, we have a number of housing finance companies that help you purchase your dream home or construct one by providing the required financial assistance. Here is the housing finance companies list in India that offers housing finance at affordable rates. The below-mentioned list of housing finance companies have been granted Certificate of Registration (COR) with permission to accept public deposits

  1. Aadhar Housing Finance Limited (Formerly: DHFL Vysya Housing Finance Limited)
  2. Housing and Urban Development Corporation Limited
  3. Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited
  4. Can Fin Homes Limited
  5. Cent Bank Home Finance Limited
  6. Manipal Housing Finance Syndicate Limited
  7. PNB Housing Finance Limited
  8. Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited
  9. ICICI Home Finance Company Limited
  10. LIC Housing Finance Limited
  11. Sundaram Home Finance Limited

Listed below are the Housing Finance Companies having valid Certificate of Registration that can accept public deposits with prior permission obtained from the National Housing Bank for accepting public deposits:

  1. National Trust Housing Finance Limited
  2. Saral Home Finance Limited.
  3. GIC Housing Finance Limited
  4. Ind Bank Housing Limited
  5. REPCO Home Finance Limited
  6. L&T Housing Finance Limited

Here is the list of Housing Finance Companies granted Certificate of Registration (COR). However, they are not authorized or valid to accept public deposits under section 29A of the National Housing Bank Act, 1987 –

Religare Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited Tata Capital Housing Finance Limited
Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Limited Shubham Housing Development Finance Company Limited
MAS Rural Housing and Mortgage Finance Limited Aptus Value Housing Finance India Limited
Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited Swarna Pragati Housing Microfinance Private Limited
India Home Loan Limited Panthoibi Housing Finance Company Limited
Prosper Housing Finance Limited Home First Finance Company India Limited
Magma Housing Finance Limited Swagat Housing Finance Company Limited
Orange City Housing Finance Limited Nanayasurabhi Affordable Housing Finance Limited
Sahara Housingfina Corporation Limited North East Region Housing Finance Company Limited
Svantantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation Limited Edelweiss Housing Finance Limited
Vastu Housing Finance Corporation Limited Muthoot Housing Finance Company Limited
India Shelter Finance Corporation Limited Aavas Financiers Limited
SRG Housing Finance Limited Shriram Housing Finance Limited
Reliance Home Finance Limited Manappuram Home Finance Limited
Homeshree Housing Finance Limited (Formerly, USB Housing Finance Corporation Limited) Habitat Micro Build India Housing Finance Company Private Limited
New Habitat Housing Finance and Development Limited. VIVA Home Finance Limited
Motilal Oswal Home Finance Limited DMI Housing Finance Private Limited
Mentor Home Loans India Limited Aditya Birla Housing Finance Limited
ART Housing Finance (India) Limited Mamta Housing Finance Company Private Limited
SEWA Grih Rin Limited Muthoot Homefin (India) Limited
SMFG India Credit Co. Limited Fasttrack Housing Finance Limited
Nivara Home Finance Limited Supreme Housing Finance Limited
Khush Housing Finance Private Limited Capri Global Housing Finance Limited
Bajaj Housing Finance Limited Hinduja Housing Finance Limited
Five-Star Housing Finance Private Limited IKF Home Finance Limited
West End Housing Finance Limited IndoStar Home Finance Private Limited
Ummeed Housing Finance Private Limited Aryarth Housing Finance Limited
KIFS Housing Finance Private Limited Bee Secure Home Finance Private Limited
Manibhavnam Home Finance India Private Limited Centrum Housing Finance Limited
Altum Credo Home Finance Private Limited Essel Finance Home Loans Limited
Navarathna Housing Finance Limited Anand Housing Finance Private Limited
Clix Housing Finance Private Limited Hero Housing Finance Limited
Piramal Housing Finance Limited Satin Housing Finance Limited
IFL Housing Finance Limited JM Financial Home Loans Limited
Family Home Finance Private Limited Roha Housing Finance Private Limited
Baid Housing Finance Private Limited Adani Housing Finance Private Limited
APAC Housing Finance Private Limited Wonder Home Finance Limited
Capital India Home Loans Limited Varashakti Housing Finance Private Limited
Sasvitha Home Finance Private Limited Easy Home Finance Limited
Indie Homefin Private Limited Jothi Housing and Mortgage Finance Private Limited
Akme Star Housing Finance Limited IIFL Home Finance Limited (Formerly: India Infoline Housing Finance Limited)
Aviom India Housing Finance Private Limited
What is a Housing Finance Company?

A housing finance company refers to the non-banking financial companies that provide finance for purchasing houses; buying a plot of land or constructing a new house. You can avail home loans, plot loans, home improvement loans, home extension loans, and also a new home loan from a housing finance company. However, the same loans can be availed from a banking institution or bank too. You can choose between a bank and housing finance company considering the following key factors like - loan repayment period, processing fee, interest rate, and your eligibility, and decide what works for you.

Benefits of Borrowing from a Housing Finance Company:

There are multiple benefits associated with opting for a loan from a house finance company

  • Get a higher loan amount
  • HFC'S are less stringent about credit score. Even if you have a moderately low credit score, you would still be eligible to get a home loan
  • Enjoy the simple documentation process
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Competitive rates on your loan amount
  • Enjoy flexible loan repayment tenures

However, the interest rates offered by the housing finance companies tend to be slightly higher than the ones charged by banks. And they do not offer overdraft facilities against your home loan.

In India, all these housing finance companies are regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). There are over 100 housing finance companies in India.

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