Money View Loans Story – Darsani Kumar Mallick loves the convenience of availing an online loan from Money View

We are bringing to you yet another Money View loan user story in our ongoing series. These are stories of how customers have benefitted from our personal loan and also brings out their experience of availing a loan from Money View. 

For this story, we chatted with Darsani Kumar Mallick from Odisha. 

Image of our cllient Darsani Mallick

Tell us something about yourself.

I am  Darsani Kumar Mallick and I stay at Jajpur in Odisha along with my family. I am a Central  Government employee working with the Indian Railways.

What kind of loan did you apply from Money View?

I applied for an online top-up personal loan from Money View. 

I needed some money for personal expenses and I found Money View online loans, a great option for availing loan quickly and without any hassles.

(For the information of our readers, A top-up loan is a special kind of loan which is offered only to those customers who show regular repayment on existing loans. After at least 6 months of prompt repayment, we may offer the option of a top-up loan after considering other factors affecting your creditworthiness)

Why did you apply for a loan with Money View and not with other financial institutions or banks?

I enjoy the convenience that comes with online, instant personal loans from Money View. I do not have to waste time approaching banks and submitting various documents. Whenever a need comes up, I can always apply for a loan from my mobile, irrespective of where I am. I can even be travelling but can apply for a loan. This facility is very good.

How did you get to know about Money View loans?

One day, an ad for Money View showed up on my mobile while browsing through some other website. I applied for a loan and I was surprised to see that my loan was disbursed in just 1-2hrs. This was very fast.

What do you think of the Money View app and the entire process of loan application?

I think Money View app is designed very well. The entire process is easy and can be understood by anyone. The app flow is smooth and I did not face any problem during the application process. I loved the fact that I had to submit a minimum number of documents and that too over the phone and not hard copies of documents. 

I also got the loan amount that I had applied for. 

Do you have any advice to give to others who may be looking for an online personal loan?

Yes, firstly keep your documents handy. I always store my important documents on my mobile. This made it easier for me to avail the loan without wasting time. The same can help anyone else.

Another important factor is that you have to take care of your credit score by repaying your loan EMIs promptly. With a good credit score, it is easier to get the loan amount that you want and also on a lesser interest rate.

What other features of Money View did you appreciate?

I enjoyed the experience of applying to  a Money View loan due to the following reasons

  • Super Fast Processing: The loan amount reached my bank account within 1-2 hours, this is so helpful in any kind of emergency.
  • Easy eligibility criteria: The criteria for availing online loan from Money View is also simple and transparent. I am happy to know that loans are available even for those drawing lower salaries and lesser credit scores.
  • Top-up loan option: Top-up loans are very useful when you want a second loan/bigger loan after completion of the first one. You don’t have to take the trouble of  filing a fresh loan application and submit documents again.
  • Competitive Interest Rate:  I find the interest rate on my Money View loan is very reasonable, which I can pay back without any stress. 

Final Thoughts

Because of his positive experience, Darsani Kumar Mallick has referred Money View Loans app to his friends and family and many have already availed loans to meet their needs. He is happy that his friends are benefitting from these loans.


We are very thankful to  Darsani Kumar Mallick for having shared his experience with us. Team Money View wishes him and his family the very best.


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