Money View Loans Story –How Lallu Got a Hassle-free Loan with Minimum Documents

Today in our Money View Loans App user stories, we bring you the story of Lallu Mishra.

Tell us something about yourself

Lallu Mishra lives in Junagadh, Gujarat. He works in the private sector and does machine work. He lives with his family here.

What kind of Personal Loan did you take with Money View?

Lallu needed some money for repair work. He wanted a loan quickly. He had come across an advertisement of Money View Loans on Facebook and on the recommendation of his friend who had heard good things about it, he applied to Money View Loans.

Why did Lallu reach out to Money View Loans for his personal loan?

Lallu had a bad experience when he had taken loan from another company in the past. He had to pay huge penalties and high rates of interest. With Money View Loans, his loan amount can be repaid with ease and he is comfortable with the interest rate as well.

Why did Lallu not approach a bank for loan?

Lallu is a self-employed professional. He did not have required papers like ITR. He knew that banks need a lot of paperwork, legwork and take long time to disburse loans. Hence, he did not apply to a bank.

What features of Money View Loans did Lallu like?

Lallu found Money View Loans App to have the following useful features:

Easy App: He could understand the instructions and upload the documents as needed.

Quick Approval: His loan got approved in 2 days. He got money in his account by the third day. This efficiency thrilled him.

Helpful Customer Service team: The customer service team responds quickly when reached out to.

Very useful loan app: Lallu Singh felt that Money View Loans is a very useful app that helps thousands of people like him in small towns who are looking for loans. He loves it that loan can be applied to online.

Painfree process: The process was super easy as one could do all procedures right at home. It caused no stress, and the money came to the bank account without followups.

Low effort: Since one can get personal loan online sitting at home from anywhere in India at a reasonable interest rates, Lallu gives a thumbs up to Money View Loans.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Lallu Mishra was very happy with his experience in taking loan with Money View Loans. He was very grateful and had only nice things to share. He was hoping to apply for a top-up loan after paying off the current loan.

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