Money View Loans Story — How Neel Kamal Found Money View Loans to be Very Fast

In our series on Money View Loans user stories, we bring you tales from our Money View Loans customers. They share with us how they went about getting personal loan online with Money View Loans App. Today’s story is of Neel Kamal.

money view loan stories neel kamal

Tell us something about yourself

Neel Kamal is 40 years old and works as a Manager in Tata Motors. He lives in Raikot, Punjab with his family.

What kind of Personal Loan did you take with Money View?

Neel Kamal needed a quick loan for a medical emergency in his family. Quick disbursement of money was very important to him.

Why did Neel Kamal reach out to Money View Loans for his personal loan?

Neel Kamal had received a text message about quick and easy personal loans with Money View Loans App. He did an online search and also read reviews of the App on Playstore. He was especially happy to note that the loans got approved and disbursed quickly. That made him apply to Money View Loans.

Why did Neel Kamal not approach a bank for loan?

Since his loan needs were time sensitive, Neel Kamal did not reach out to banks. He felt that the process would at least take 10 days and a lot of paperwork too.

What features of Money View Loans did Neel Kamal like?

Neel Kamal was very impressed with the Money View Loans App. Here is what he liked:

Quick Approval: Approval of the loan happened on the same day within an hour or two of downloading the App and uploading the documents.

Fast disbursal: Since this loan was needed for a medical emergency, time was of prime essence. Money View Loans came up trumps on this factor. Money came into his bank account within a couple of days from start to finish.

Simple process: He found the process easy and step-by-step on the App with simple instructions.

Transparent and smooth process: There were no hidden terms and conditions. Everything on the App was on the expected lines and as mentioned.

Fast customer service team: Quick and prompt email replies to queries is what Neel Kamal really appreciated.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Neel Kamal was very happy with his personal loan experience with Money View Loans App. Along with Money View Loans app, he had come across another App. But that app was much slower and cumbersome to use. Hence Neel Kamal preferred to proceed only with Money View Loans.

He had only nice things to say about the App.  He is now recommending Money View Loans app to others for a painfree borrowing experience.

We are glad to have made a difference to Neel Kamal’s life.