Money View Loans Story– Why Shanu Preferred Money View Loans to Bank Loan

Today in Money View Loans user stories, we bring you the experience of Shanu Singh.

Tell us something about yourself

Shanu Singh is a young Sales professional from the beautiful city of Kolkata. He works with a jewellery brand and is currently based in Gurgaon. He lives with his family.

What kind of Personal Loan did you take with Money View Loans?

When Shanu had a wedding in his family, that of his brother, he needed some money. That is when he reached out to Money View Loans for a personal loan to take care of expenses.

Why did Shanu reach out to Money View Loans for his personal loan?

Shanu had seen advertisements of Money View Loans earlier. He was aware of this App that facilitated personal loans right from the comfort of one’s home. When he was scouting for places to apply for loan, he remembered that. He went and read Money View Loans reviews on the Playstore and decided to give Money View Loans App a try.

Why did Shanu not approach a bank for loan?

Shanu was interested in getting quick and hassle-free funds. He felt banks had stringent criteria and tedious processes. He did approach a private bank who offered loans for a minimum of 1 lakh. Shanu needed a smaller loan than that.

Besides, bank loans generally take a long time to be disbursed hence Shanu preferred to go with Money View Loans for his needs.

What features of Money View Loans did Shanu like?

Shanu was very happy with the following features of Money View Loans App:

  1. Simple App:  The App is fairly easy to use.
  2. Smooth Process: The process is transparently spelled out on the App. Document uploading process happened seamlessly, and the approval took place quickly.
  3. Faster than other Apps: Shanu had tried applying in a couple of other Apps but Money View Loans was much faster in its approval.
  4. Helpful Customer Service Team: Customer service team is very responsive. Some technical glitches were ironed out during his application swiftly.
  5. Low effort: Shanu really enjoyed the experience of getting a loan quickly from the convenience of his home.

Final Word

Shanu highly recommends Money View Loans to his friends. He liked the entire experience of taking personal loans online with Money View Loans. He did share that it can get a tad difficult to get to customer service through voice calls.

We are happy to be making a difference to the lives of our customers like Shanu. Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us.

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