A Recap of Discussion on Health Insurance on #MoneyViewChat


health insurance

Last week on #MoneyViewChat, we discussed an important topic, Health Insurance. With the rising incidents of diseases and the exorbitant cost of healthcare, it is important that we stay prepared with health insurance. And sure enough, our community thought similarly. Here is a recap of what was discussed:

It wasn’t very surprising to note that most participants had health insurance. Some had all the possible riders as well. And yet a few had more than one health insurance policy.

Health insurance is considered important because one may not know when one might need it. It is also important to get adequate coverage from a good insurance provider.

It was interesting to note that some got it through their banks, some others used tools to compare health insurance policies in the market and then made an informed choice while many others went the route of marketers who called them with a good policy or the advice of their insurance agent.

Some participants had insurance through their employers while others had personal policies. Some had both to be doubly safe.

Almost the entire community felt that it was easy to get a health insurance policy both online or offline. But their main concern was how good the claim settlement process was especially cashless hospitalisation.

The community agreed that it was very important to have health insurance for the entire family for peace of mind in the event of a disease/accident happening. Also they were concerned that bad lifestyles and stress were causing more diseases and hence health insurance was even more crucial today.

With this we rounded off an engaging session. Do join us every Thursday between 7 and 8 pm for yet another interesting #MoneyViewChat with @MyMoneyView. See you.