“Colorman, Colorman, What Color am I?” – A Colorful Financial Quiz!

The festival of colors just passed a day ago, and we hope you had a blast with your friends and family! With the residue colors still on you, let’s compare colors with your financial personalities.

We assigned each color to a financial personality type. And this fun quiz will reveal your financial tendencies using fun colors! 

Just answer the following questions honestly, choosing the answer that best reflects your approach to money.

Tally Up Your Colours!

Count how many Greens, Whites, Purples, and Oranges you chose. 


If you have –

2 or more Whites, and a mix of other colors, you are mostly White.

4 or more Oranges, and a mix of other colors, you are mostly Orange.

4 or more Purples, and a mix of other colors, you are mostly Purple.

2 or more Greens, and a mix of other colors, you are mostly Green.

Now let’s get to the exciting part – your financial type!

To Summarize

Please note that this is just a fun color-based financial quiz!  Financial personalities are complex and can blend colors. 

Did the answer make you go – “Oh! That’s me!”? Then tell us your financial personality type in the comments below!

Regardless of your result, you should be mindful and informed. You must strive to make financial decisions that align with your goals and values. And as a bonus tip, always keep checking your credit score. Now you can easily check your credit score in just 2 minutes on the moneyview website.