Can You Actually Save Money with DIY?


Earlier I perceived DIY as a hobby people indulge in to fill their free time. It was only after my marriage, I started appreciating the value DIY projects bring. As a couple, we move a lot. We never stay in one place for more than two years and hence, whatever we buy is not an investment. We use a product for a limited time and donate or throw it eventually. We wasted a lot of money in the initial years. And, it was then, I thought of making few things on my own, rather than spending money on it. With time, I learned that DIY is a great tool to save money and also a great way to put your signature in your home decor. Few of the ways I’ve saved money over the years through DIY projects –

Make Fancy and Functional Storage Containers  

Whether we live in a bungalow or in a 1 BHK apartment – space is always a concern. We accumulate things with time and storage seems inadequate. Buying containers to organize things becomes a necessity, both to add organization and efficiency in our homes. Instead of buying overpriced containers to store things, go for plastic containers from dollar or thrift store and paint them to match the home decor. We can go creative and use smart organizational hacks to boost efficiency. Here are few DIY items I find interesting and convenient –

save money DIY


  • Cord storage out of a shoe box – to stack wires and chargers
  • Magnet board out of a tin tray for hanging jewelry and hair accessories
  • Multiply linen storage space by hanging magazine holders inside a closet – stack towels and sheets in it and save space on the shelf

All these items make home neat and organized, and save hundreds of rupees.

Save Money with Homemade Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are costly and have a high concentration of chemicals in it. Go green and be safe by making cleaning supplies at home. There are many products which can be made by using items available in the kitchen. Use vinegar, baking soda, borax powder, olive oil and lemon juice to clean the counters, shelves or even tough stains in the bathroom. Some of the items I use  –

save money DIY


  • For heavy duty cleaning – mixture of  lemon and borax powder
  • As all purpose cleaner – mixture of baking soda with warm water. It acts as a good deodorizer too.
  • Vinegar and water mixture as glass cleaner

Store these solutions in a spray bottle for ease.

Organic and Affordable Personal Care Products

Organic beauty products come with a big price tag. Believe it or not, even they have some traces of chemicals to add to the shelf life. The best way to give your body healthy products is to make it at home. Try the following over the products available in the market; it will save money and give better results –

save money DIY


  • Homemade shampoo with soap nut powder
  • Concoction of glycerine and rosewater as lotion
  • Dry neem leaves as skin smoothing pack

Making your own personal care products is a major saving source in my DIY list.

Throw Theme Parties for Less

save money DIY


Theme parties are in vogue but they cost a lot of money. To have fun without spending much, make all the party supplies at home. We can also create decorations at a lesser price. Buy the essential items, which are cheap, and head to Pinterest to get creative ideas to save while throwing the best party in town. We can make pom-poms, garlands, balloon doorways, banners and much more using easy DIY tricks.

Make Planters and Grow Herbs at Home

save money DIY


Plants are both decorative and functional. Though good indoor plants are expensive, we can still save money by making our own pots. I make pots by using old plastic containers or with plain earthen pots – paint them or try mosaic. Also, instead of going for costly indoors plants, plant herbs – mint, coriander or basil. This way we can save money on grocery bills too.

Ditch Costly Items and Add Personal Touch to Home Decor

save money DIY


Most of the famous bloggers I follow, use DIY to decorate their home. I feel it is one reason they have more warmth in their homes. I have replicated few of the items at my home and saved money. For those who know how to sew, knit or crochet – make  cushions, runners, placements or curtains at home. Take help of men in the house and refurbish old furniture. Try to make DIY projects fun by involving your family members. Enjoy the progress and save money while you are at it.

People are embracing DIY in every aspect of life. Besides saving hundreds of rupees, the joy of creating something from scratch is unparalleled. As they say, ‘fruits of labor always taste good.’

Try these DIY hacks and share your tips/experience with us.

A Company Secretary by profession, Saru found her true calling in writing. She blogs at which she religiously updates every Monday for the last five years.

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