BSNL Balance Balance

You may wonder if you have enough balance on your BSNL SIM or any SIM for that matter. Most network operators typically provide some USSD codes for obtaining various information and services from the network provider. These codes differ from one network to the next.

As a result, in order to use some services or obtain necessary information, you must first understand the USSD codes that work on a specific mobile network. Here's a quick way to check the balance on your BSNL SIM card.

How to Check BSNL Prepaid Main Balance Using BSNL Balance Check Numbers?

All you have to do to check the main balance from any BSNL number is dial *123# on the calling app. The USSD code will automatically retrieve your balance. You can also dial *112# and follow the on-screen instructions to find out your BSNL prepaid main balance.

The company also provides the option of checking the BSNL balance via SMS. Customers can find out their number's remaining balance by texting 'BAL' to 123. Aside from that, users can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and log in with the OTP. After that, you can easily check the main balance from the app.

How to Check BSNL Data Balance with Numbers or Enquiry Codes from BSNL?

BSNL also allows you to check your data balance from your BSNL number by using BSNL balance check code USSD codes:

  • If you want to check the balance of your 2G or 3G data, dial *123*6# or *123*10#.

  • In addition, BSNL has limited 4G coverage. Users on the BSNL 4G network can check for data by dialing *124#.

  • You can also use *124*2# to check your BSNL net balance.

  • In addition, to find out the data balance, dial *112#.

  • *123*8# can be used to check the night data balance.

  • By going to the application, one can also check the details of the data balance.

How to Check the Validity of a BSNL Prepaid SIM Card?

To check the validity of a prepaid SIM card, simply dial *123*1#. This will display your main balance as well as the validity details for your BSNL prepaid number. The application can also be used to check the remaining validity of your BSNL mobile number.

USSD Codes for Inquiring About the Balance of a BSNL SMS Pack

You can also use USSD codes to check the SMS pack balance with the telecom operator. To obtain the result of your remaining SMS balance, simply dial the following codes:

  • *123*1#

  • *123*5#

  • *125#

  • *123*2#

How to Check the Status of a BSNL Prepaid Plan?

If you are unsure about the active prepaid plan for your prepaid number, the company has some USSD codes to help you. Users can learn about the BSNL active prepaid plan by dialing the USSD codes listed below.

  • *102# 

  • *124*8# 

  • *124*5#

How to Use a USSD Code to Recharge Your BSNL Number?

For those who are unaware, the state-owned operator also allows you to recharge using USSD codes. The company provides the option of recharging a top-up scratch card with USSD codes. It also allows you to recharge other people's phones and do other things.

The procedure is fairly straightforward. Customers must dial *124# and then press 2. There are two options: Scratch Card Refill and Third Party Recharge. To make a recharge on your BSNL prepaid number, you have two options.

What Exactly is GP2 in BSNL?

Grace Period is abbreviated as GP. Customers can choose between two types of grace periods from BSNL. The second is referred to as GP2. The Grace Period 2 (GP2) begins on the eighth day after the validity expires.

In addition, customers have 165 days to reactivate their BSNL SIM. Following that, the SIM card will be completely deactivated.

What Exactly is GP1 in BSNL?

As previously stated, BSNL provides two types of grace periods to its customers. We've already covered GP2, so let's move on to GP1. The Grace Period 1 (GP1) begins on the date the validity expires. The GP1 is only valid for seven days.

What are the Best BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans for GP 2 Customers who are no Longer Active?

For GP2 or inactive customers, BSNL offers two different prepaid plans. Customers can use these plans to activate their dormant BSNL prepaid number. And here are the details:

  • STV-139: The first plan is the STV-139, which costs Rs 139. The pack has a validity period of 28 days and provides 2GB of data per day. It also includes 100 SMS per day and unlimited voice calls on local, STD, and national roaming, including Mumbai and Delhi circles.

  • PV-1199: The price of the BSNL plan voucher recharge option is Rs 1,199. The pack has a 365-day validity period and is currently available in the Andhra Pradesh circle. The plan includes unlimited voice calls on local, STD, and national roaming, including calls to and from Mumbai and Delhi. It also includes 24GB of data and 100 SMS per day.

BSNL Balance Inquiry Number and Codes



*123# or *124*1#

Check Main Balance

*124*2# *123*10# or *123*1# or *123*6#

Check Net balance


Find SIM Card Number


Check Prepaid Offers


Plan voucher

*102# or *124*8# or *124*5#

Active Prepaid Plan


Check Video Call Balance


Check Validity


Check Last Call Charge Detail

*123*5# or *123*6#

Check Network Call


Minutes Balance


Number Check


Check FRC on net Balance

Retailer BSNL USSD Codes

The balance check codes listed below are only available to CTop Up authorized retailers of the operator.

All of these BSNL USSD codes and SMS keywords represent how to find and perform the operations of various BSNL retail services, such as recharges, bill payments, checking the balance of a BSNL retailer mobile, and much more, as shown below.


USSD Code to Dial


*222*Pin No# (Default Pin: 123456)


*222* Pin no *1#

Bill Payment

*222* Pin no *2#

Telephone Bill Enquiry

*222* Pin no *3#

Stock Details

*222* Pin no *4#

Pin Change

*222* Pin no *5#

Latest Offer

Send an SMS as OFFER to 53733

BSNL Balance Check - Related FAQs

Simply enter your OTP into the mobile Selfcare portal to view all of your prepaid balances.
The common code to display for all STV / Freebie balances is *124*2#; you can use this shortcode to check any type of available balance.