How to Check Your Jio Balance and Data Usage

Jio is one of India's most popular networks. Reliance Jio has made inroads into the Indian network communications industry and amassed a sizable customer base in a relatively short period of time, thanks to its highly competitive offers and pricing.

If you are a Jio customer, you can access your account balance information through a variety of methods provided by the network provider.

How to Check the Jio Balance?

Smartphone users can set a data limit on their Jio mobiles via Settings in order to avoid exceeding the data limit set by the mobile plan they are using.

You can also check your Jio data balance whenever you disconnect from mobile data because you will receive an SMS indicating how much data you used.

Here is how to check your Jio balance data, both prepaid and postpaid, in this section.

  • Jio Balance Check Using IVR

  • Checking Jio Balance Via SMS

  • Checking Jio Balance Using the Jio App

Jio Balance Check Using IVR

  • Dial *333# to check your Jio main balance.

  • On the screen, your Jio balance will be displayed.

 Checking Jio Balance Via SMS

  • You can also check your Jio balance by texting MBAL to 55333.

  • You will receive an SMS with your Jio balance information. It is a free service, and you will not be charged for it.

 Checking Jio Balance Using the Jio App

  • Install the MyJio app.

  • After logging in, you can view your Jio balance, as well as the active plan details and remaining data balance, on the homepage. 

  • You can get more information by tapping the Check Usage button. 

  • You will find complete information about your Jio account, balance and validity information, and other details on your dedicated page.

 How to Check Jio Balance Online?

  • Enter into your browser and sign in using your phone number.

  • After logging in, you'll see a check Jio balance button at the top of the page.

  • Go to the My Plans section to check the validity of your Jio data plan.

How do I Check my Jio Prepaid Balance and Validity?

  • Send an SMS: BAL to 199 to find out your Jio balance for a prepaid number.

  • You will receive an SMS with your Jio prepaid balance and the validity of the pack you are using on your phone.

How do I Check my Jio Postpaid Balance?

  • Send an SMS: BILL to 199 to Jio balance inquiry number for a postpaid number.

  • You will receive an SMS on your phone with the amount of your Jio postpaid balance that will be billed.

How to Examine Jio Tariff Plans?

  • Send an SMS: MY PLAN to 199 to find out more about the Jio tariff plan to which you are subscribed.

  • You will receive an SMS on your phone containing information about the Jio tariff plan you are currently using.

Jio Balance Check Code

Here are some Jio USSD codes and SMS numbers to remember:

  • Dial *1# or use this method to find out what my Jio number is.

  • Know your balance/talk time by dialing *333#.

  • Check your 4G data usage by texting MBAL to 55333.

  • Check your prepaid balance and validity by texting BAL to 199.

  • To find out how much your bill is, text BILL to 199.

  • Examine the current tariff plan: MYPLAN should be texted to 199.

  • To activate 4G data, dial 1925 or text START to 1925.

  • Check your net balance by using the MyJio app.

  • *333*3*1*1# is the caller tune activation code.

  • *333*3*12# to deactivate Jio Caller Tune

  • Check your call rate by texting TARIFF to 191.

  • To obtain the JioFi device's Jio number, send an SMS to 199.

How to Check Jio Data Balance?

If you don't want to rely solely on my Jio app or other methods, you can try this one.

  • Go to the Jio official website and select Sign In. 

  • Choose Mobile and enter your Jio mobile number. 

  • You will receive an OTP to your phone number; enter it and then click the submit button.

  • You will now see your data balance and usage, as well as your plan details.

  • To view the balance in greater detail, select Check Usage or View More.