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Airtel is one of India's most well-known network operators. To make its services more accessible for its customers from all over the country, Airtel has provided a list of USSD codes.

These codes are ‘secret codes’ that can unlock various functions of your SIM or activate the services you need. Using these codes, you can find out your data balance, remaining SMS, or even your airtel number just in case you forget it. 

Here, we have listed out all the Airtel USSD codes that can help you check your phone or data balance, activate roaming packs, and more. Read on!

Airtel Balance Check Number

Different Ways of Airtel Balance Checking

There are many user-friendly ways of checking your Airtel balance, validity, and data pack details - 

Airtel has increased its Postpaid and Prepaid tariff plan prices by about 21%. Airtel offers monthly, quarterly, and annual plans, all of which are now costlier. The highest plan was their annual one at Rs.2,999 which is now priced at Rs.3,599. However, it still offers 2.5GB/day for 365 days. 

Airtel Balance Check Codes

USSD codes are a quick and free method of checking your Airtel balance. You can do it even without an active internet connection. All you have to do is dial the code and press the call button from your Airtel number.

The codes for Airtel balance check are mentioned below - 

Here's how to use USSD codes to perform your Airtel internet balance check. 

These are the two most common USSD codes, but there are other ways to do an airtel balance check as well. 

Airtel Service USSD Code to dial

Main balance check


Airtel number check


Airtel offers


Missed call alert service activation


Unlimited packs


Voice or roaming packs


Data balance check for 2G users


Talk time loan or data loan

*141# OR 52141

SMS pack detail

Dial *121*8#, then type 8

Gift services


Hello tunes


Facebook services


Twitter services


Free Wynk details

Dial *121*8#, then type 6

Voice pack details

Dial *121*8#, then type 7

How To Check Airtel Data Balance Using the Airtel Thanks App

The Airtel Thanks app is intended for smartphone users. You can use this app to check your postpaid bill, as well as your validity, and data balance.

Here are the steps you need to follow to use the app - 

If you have multiple Airtel numbers, you can track the services of all the numbers using the app.

You can also use the Airtel Thanks app to contact Airtel’s customer care, raise complaints, recharge your DTH, pay for external services, and more. 

Missed Call Services - Airtel Balance Enquiry Number 

If you do not have the Airtel Thanks app, you can also use the missed call services to check offers and other services. Here are the numbers that you need to call from your Airtel number -

Service Number

Offers on your number


Recharge codes


Activate DND 


Talk time loan or data loan


SMS Services - Airtel Balance Check Number

Sending an SMS from your Airtel number with some keywords is also an easy way to check your balance. Once you send an SMS, you will receive the information that you requested on your mobile.

If you are searching for Airtel net balance check number, the following table will tell you about the services, keywords, and numbers to which you can send an SMS - 

Service Keyword and Number

Purchase a new service

START to 121

Oup out of a service

STOP to 121

Activate DND

START 0 to 1909

Port your postpaid number

PORT to 1909

Postpaid current plan check

BP to 121

Postpaid due or pending amount check

OT to 121

Postpaid bill payment check

PMT to 121

Postpaid current plan usage check

UNB to 121

Airtel Balance Check Through Website

Apart from the Airtel Thanks app and USSD codes, you can also use the Airtel website for Airtel balance checks and Airtel data balance checks. Here is how you can do it - 

All network providers allow multiple ways to check your main balance, data balance, validity, and other things. If you are a Jio SIM user, here is how to know your Jio balance. In case you are a Vodafone or BSNL user, you can read more about checking your Vodafone balance and your BSNL balance in the respective articles.

Check Airtel 4G Internet Balance On Dongle

You can do an Airtel internet balance check from your dongle by following these simple steps -

How to check Airtel main balance?

How to check Airtel SMS balance?

Users can download and install the Airtel Thanks app and navigate to the home screen to view information about their SMS balance. Alternatively, you can obtain your Airtel SMS balance by dialing *121*7#.


Airtel provides easy-to-access services and information for its customers to make their life easier. From finding out your number to checking your data, there is a USSD code for everything. Now, you can conveniently access all the info you need by just dialing the right USSD code.

Airtel Balance Check Related FAQs

USSD codes allow you to check your Airtel balance instantly without any internet. Just dial *123# from your Airtel number and you will receive an SMS regarding your balance.

Yes. Airtel offers USSD codes for postpaid services as well. Here are the USSD codes. Postpaid current bill plan check SMS “BP” To 121 Postpaid due/pending amount check SMS “OT” To 121 Postpaid bill payment check SMS “PMT” To 121 Postpaid current plan usage check SMS “UNB” To 121

Postpaid current bill plan checkSMS “BP” To 121
Postpaid due/pending amount checkSMS “OT” To 121
Postpaid bill payment checkSMS “PMT” To 121
Postpaid current plan usage checkSMS “UNB” To 121

There are several different ways to do Airtel Balance Check. They are - 

  • USSD codes
  • Airtel Thanks App
  • Missed Call services
  • SMS service
  • Airtel website

You can use the above user-friendly ways to check your Airtel balance, validity, data pack details, and more.

These are the USSD codes to perform your Airtel internet balance check. 

  • *123# – Verify the validity of your balance and find out when the next recharge is due
  • *121# – Check how much data is remaining(Only valid for 3G & 4G customers)

To take a Talk time loan or data loan, simply dial *141# OR 52141 from your registered Airtel number. 

To know your airtel number, dial *282# from your phone. Ensure you have the sim in your mobile phone to make use of these services.

Simply dial *121*2# from your phone carrier to know your 2G, 3G, or 4G data balance.

USSD codes do not require any internet connection to function. Customers from very remote areas with weak network coverage can easily make use of USSD codes for anything.

Dial *141*567# and choose data services relevant to you, i.e, 2G, 3G, or 4G. You can also dial 52141 to instantly get the data loan.

Unfortunately, airtel has discontinued the emergency talk time loan. Instead, you can quickly recharge your number from the Airtel Thanks app.

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