How to Check Bank Balance Without Going to the Bank?

In today’s era of digitization, it is possible to opt for a bank balance check without going to the bank. Banks have initiated several ways such as SMS notification, push notification, internet banking, email, and a lot more. In this post, we will explain how to check bank balance without having to physically visit the branch.

1. How to Check Bank Balance in SBI?

If you are wondering how find out your account balance or how to check your bank balance on your phone as an SBI account holder, check the steps given below -

SBI Quick

Using SBI Quick, a free Missed Call Banking service offered by the bank you can easily check your SBI account balance, get a mini statement or do more. This can be done by giving a missed call or sending an SMS from your registered mobile number. But ensure that your mobile number is updated in your account.

With this app, you don’t need to remember keywords, mobile numbers, etc. All communication is done through an SMS notification or through a missed call. However, customers must note that this service can only be activated for a mobile number that has been registered for an SBI bank account.

Through Call/SMS

Balance Enquiry

To check your account balance, give a missed call or send an SMS ‘BAL’ to 09223766666

Mini Statement

To get the Mini Statement i.e. last 5 transactions on the account, you may give a Missed Call or send an SMS ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666

2. How to check bank balance in Punjab National Bank?

This facility to check bank balance in your Punjab National Bank account is available to all the customers who have registered their mobile number with the bank. Given below are the different ways in which you can check your bank balance at Punjab National Bank

  • Giving a Missed Call

    Give a missed call to the PNB Balance Enquiry toll- free number 1800 180 2223 or to the toll number 0120-2303090 to receive SMS with your current balance. This service is free of cost and is available for SB/CA accounts.

  • Via Internet Banking

    You could also log on to PNB Internet Banking >> Click on Other Services >> Service Request >> New Request >> Email Statement

  • By Sending An SMS

    You could also send the following SMS to 9264092640 or 5607040 via registered mobile number - ‘ESTMT’ space last 4 digit of a/c no space Email ID

3. How to check bank balance in HDFC?

You can check the bank balance of your HDFC bank account with their toll-free banking services. Here are the numbers for the same:-

Calling a Toll-Free Number

  • Call 1800-270-3333 to check your account Balance
  • Dial 1800 1800-270-3355 to check your Mini statement
  • You can call 1800-270-3377 to get Account Statement
  • You can call 1800-270-3344 for mobile banking

By Sending a Keyword SMS to 5676712

  • Type “bal” to get the Balance Enquiry
  • Type “txn” to get the Mini Statement
  • You can also use Hindi keywords for Hindi SMSBanking

By using the Internet Banking Service

Visit the bank site and click on ‘Login’. Then enter your customer ID and password and hit ‘Submit’ to check your bank balance

4. How to check bank balance in ICICI?

Customers of ICICI Bank can check their account bank balance through any of the methods given below -

By using the iMobile App

ICICI Bank’s iMobile app gives you over 150 services including checking account balance, get mini-statement to opening a Fixed deposit, paying bills and transferring funds, etc.

Use SMS Banking

By sending a simple SMS you can do many of the banking transactions including checking your account balance. The Keywords to be used are

  • For Balance Enquiry

    SMS IBAL to 5676766 or 9215676766

  • Last 3 Transactions

    SMS ITRAN to 5676766 or 9215676766

Giving a Missed Call

ICICI Bank’s new missed call alert facility from your registered mobile number allows you to know your account balance and last 3 transactions through an SMS. To check A/C Balance, you may give a missed call on 9594 612 612

By Logging to Internet Banking

You could also log in to your internet banking account using your login id and password and check your account balance.

5. How to check bank balance in Axis Bank?

You can use any of the steps given below to check your Axis Bank balance -

Using a Missed Call service

  • You can call 1800 419 5959 to check your account balance
  • You can call 1800 419 6969 to check the mini statement

If you wish to get the above services in Hindi -

  • Call 1800 419 5858 to get your Account Balance in hindi
  • Call 1800 419 6868 to get your Mini Statement in Hindi

You can also call 08048336262 to recharge your mobile

Using SMS Service

To receive information on your account, send an SMS with the specified keyword to SMS Banking numbers. SMS Banking Numbers are 5676782 or 9717000002. The Keywords for various transactions are

  • BAL (Account Number) for checking balance in your account.
  • MINI(Account Number) for the last three transactions in your account

Using Axis Mobile App

You can carry out a host of banking services by downloading the Axis Mobile App on your phone. This includes checking your account balance or getting a mini statement or statement for a particular period of time.

Using Internet Banking

In addition to using all these modes, you could also log on to the internet banking service of Axis Bank using your Customer Id and password and check your balance or carry out a host of other banking activities.

6. How to Check Bank Balance in Bank of India?

In order to check your Bank of India account balance, follow any of the steps given below -

Through Mobile Banking on SMS

  • Visit the Bank of India website, click on ‘Mobile Banking’ and then on ‘Star Connect Mobile Banking’ link
  • Log in to your net banking or mobile banking account and provide your registered mobile number
  • Next click ‘Set/Change SMS password’ and set or change your SMS password
  • Once the above steps are completed, you can send an SMS to 9810558585 in the following formats-
    • For Balance Enquiry - BAL or BAL to the above number
    • For Last 5 Transactions - TRANS or TRANS to the above number

7. How to Check Bank Balance in IDBI Bank?

By using Toll-free Banking

The following services can be availed through it.

  • You can check your balance by giving a missed call to 1800-843-1122
  • You can check your last 5 transactions by giving a missed call to 1800-843-1133.

8. How to check bank balance in Canara Bank?

Customers can check their Canara Bank balance in many ways as listed below -

Using Missed Call Service

  • Give a missed call to 0 9015 483 483 to know your balance in English
  • Give a missed call to 0 9015 734 734 to know your last 5 transactions
  • You could also get your balance information in Hindi by giving a missed call to 0 9015 613 613

Using SMS Banking services

  • For Balance Enquiry you can send the following message to 5607060 CANBALuseridMPIN e.g. CANBAL xxxxxx 111111 3.
  • For Mini Statement you can send the following message to 5607060 CANTXNuseridMPIN e.g. CANTXN xxxxxx 111111

In addition, you could use the app of the bank or the internet service of the bank to check your account or the last done transactions.

9. How to Check Bank Balance in Union Bank of India?

If you wish to check your Union Bank of India balance, follow the steps given below -

Using SMS Service

  • To find your Primary account balance send UBAL to 09223008486
  • To find your Primary account statement: UMNS to 09223008486

Using Missed Call Service

Customers can get their primary account balance by giving a Missed call to 09223008586

10. How to Check Bank Balance in Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Kotak Mahindra Bank offers its customers multiple ways to check their bank balance as given below -

On WhatsApp

You can easily check your account balance on WhatsApp:

  • Register by clicking on from a mobile browser. It will directly open Kotak Bank's WhatsApp Chat screen.


  • Give a Missed call on 9718566655 from your registered mobile number to get started. You will immediately receive a welcome message and all services related details on WhatsApp from Kotak Bank's official number 022 66006022.
  • Type Bal to view your account balance.

Through Mobile Banking

  • Log in to Mobile Banking and go to ‘Banking’
  • Next, select ‘Account Activity’ and log in to net banking
  • You will then be able to view your account summary on the homepage

Through Missed Call Service

You can also give a missed call on 1800 274 0110 (toll-free) from your registered mobile number and you will receive an SMS with your account balance.

Additionally, you can also click here to check your balance. You will have to provide a few necessary details post which your account balance will be displayed.


The brick and mortar ways of banking are over. Digitization has dawned upon us and this is the evidence of it. Being able to check your bank balance without having to physically visit the bank branch is not just convenient and time saving but also a boon in light of the current pandemic. We hope this article helped you understand how to enjoy a bank balance check online.