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It is not always possible to go to the bank for every little query we have. Apart from being tedious and time-consuming, it is also inconvenient. To aid their customers in such situations, banks have introduced toll-free numbers, SMS facilities, and net banking services.

The State Bank Of India has several toll-free services that customers can use to inquire about their bank balance, obtain mini statements, and other services. However, to access these services, you must have an account with SBI and use the registered number to gain access.

Here are all the toll-free numbers and services SBI offers its customers.

SBI Balance Enquiry Numbers

Get account balance Give a missed call to 09223766666
SMS “BAL” to 09223766666
Get mini statement Give a missed call to 09223866666
SMS “MSTMT” to 09223866666

SBI Balance Enquiry Options

There are other ways through which you can check your SBI account balance:

  • Missed call banking
  • SMS
  • Net banking
  • SBI mobile apps
  • ATM
  • Passbook

SBI Balance Enquiry Through Missed Call Banking

Missed call banking enables you to perform a variety of banking operations simply by making a missed call to the bank. 

SBI’s missed call banking service provides information on balance checks, mini-statement, e-statements (last 6 months), education loan interest certificate statements, home loan interest certificate statements, ATM configuration, green pin generation, car loan details, PM social security scheme details, and more. This service is provided by the majority of banks in the country and is facilitated by RBI.

Most banks do not charge a fee for balance inquiries made via their toll-free number. The most significant benefit of this facility is for people who have multiple accounts in the same bank. The bank will send a message containing the balance information for all accounts, along with the account number and type.

How Can You Register for SBI Missed Call Banking?

To use the SBI missed call banking services, you must first complete a one-time registration process. To complete your registration, simply follow the steps given below:

SBI Balance Enquiry Through SMS Services

SBI customers can register for the SMS service using their mobile numbers to check their account balance. You can register for this service by sending an SMS from your registered phone number. 

To register, send an SMS in the format ‘REG<space>Account Number’ to 09223488888.

After the SMS is sent, you will receive an email from SBI confirming your registration. You will be able to check your account balance, get a mini statement or e-statement, request a checkbook, education loan interest certificate, and home loan interest certificate using this service.

SBI Balance Enquiry Through Net banking

SBI account holders who have registered for the net banking service can log in using their SBI net banking login id and password. They can select from a variety of banking services offered by SBI to its customers, such as a balance inquiry, home loans, mortgage loans, funds transfer, personal loans, and more.

How To Register For SBI Net Banking Facility

Customers who have at least one account in SBI can register for the net banking facility. Here is how you can do it:

You are now registered for net banking facility

In case you do not have your ATM card, then approach your nearest branch to activate your net banking services.

SBI Balance Enquiry Through Mobile Apps

SBI provides its customers with mobile banking services via a variety of mobile apps. Besides checking your balance, you can perform a number of other activities through these apps.

Log in to these applications using your net banking credentials. SBI YONO app offers customers a variety of banking services, such as balance inquiries, account statement checks, funds transfers, and more.

The YONO business application is designed solely for business customers to access banking accounts and conduct transactions on mobile devices.

YONO LITE SBI is SBI's retail mobile banking application. A secure, convenient, and simple-to-use app with a slew of features to help users handle their banking on the go.

Quick by SBI is a simple service that can be accessed without the internet. Just log in to the app and send an SMS or give a missed call to the toll number to get your information.

SBI Balance Enquiry Through ATM

SBI account holders can use the ATM-cum-debit card issued to them to check their account balance. Go to an SBI ATM and follow the steps outlined below to check your balance:

You can also check your last 10 transactions by selecting the “Mini Statement” option at the ATM. The ATM will print a receipt that includes the last ten account transactions. You can also check your account balance at non-SBI or third-party ATMs.

Remember that RBI has set a limit on the number of free transactions per ATM card and balance inquiries are also considered transactions. 

Once you've used up your free transactions, you'll have to pay a fee for each transaction you make during the month. The number of transactions includes both SBI and non-SBI ATM transactions.

SBI Balance Enquiry Through Passbook

When a customer opens a bank account with the State Bank of India, they are given a passbook. Customers must keep their passbooks up to date at all times to ensure that they contain information on all transactions. 

You can check the current balance and see a record of the debit and credit transactions through your updated passbooks. 

To update your passbook, you must visit the nearest SBI branch. This method of balance inquiry is still available as several rural residents find it difficult to use net banking or mobile banking services.

SBI Balance Enquiry for Credit Card Users

SBI credit cardholders can use the SMS service to check their balance and other information. You can get the list of services from the table below. Send an SMS to 5676791 in the format specified in the table. 

Please note that ‘XXXX’ represents the last four digits of your SBI card.


SMS format

Balance check


Block card


Check credit and cash limit


Last payment status


Get duplicate statement


(MM - statement month)

Why Should You Do Balance Enquiries Regularly?

People perform balance inquiries mainly for the following reasons:

It is advisable to check the account balance often to ensure that there are no unauthorized transactions.

Also, you should review your monthly statement to identify unnecessary expenses and eliminate them to save more. Keeping track of account balances and transactions can also aid in the creation of a long-term monthly budget.


Regular balance checks are crucial for healthy financial management. An accessible way to frequently check your account balance makes it more convenient. 

Consumers with SBI accounts can now easily check their balances and avail of a number of other beneficial services through mobile banking, missed call banking, net banking, and other facilities provided by SBI. Make use of these services in the right way and stay ahead of your finances!

SBI Balance Enquiry Check Related FAQs

SBI customers can call 09223766666 to check their account balance. They can also call 1800112211 and 18004253800. 

Simply SMS “BAL” to 09223766666 to check your account balance.

There are no limits on the number of enquiries that you can make.

SBI Quick is not a money transfer service, which means it cannot facilitate financial transactions. The other difference is that you don’t require a login ID and password to access SBI Quick. The only condition is your registered mobile number should be active. 

No, you can only register one SBI account with one mobile number.

Yes. Account holders can inquire about their SBI balance by sending an SMS 'BAL' or giving a missed call to 09223766666 from their registered mobile number. To request a mini-statement, account holders can send an SMS 'MSTMT' to 09223866666.

Yes, SBI offers a balance inquiry service via USSD. Account holders can view their SBI account balance, mini statement, fund transfer, and other information by dialing *595#.

SBI toll-free numbers are accessible all over the country and 24/7. So you can easily inquire about your details whenever you wish to.

SARAL is a simplified form of Corporate Internet Banking with default transaction rights that is ideal for single-user entrepreneurs such as sole proprietorships, micro-businesses, and individual businessmen who have non-individual accounts at SBI branches.

The balance inquiry service is completely free of charge. However, if you are checking your balance through an ATM, you might be charged a little sum after the free transaction limit is over. 

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