Axis Bank Balance Check Number

Checking your account balance is one of the most basic and important services offered by banks. The Axis Bank balance check number is -

1800 419 5959

As an Axis Bank customer, you can check your balance through many methods, offline and online. This article will talk about all the options in detail.

How To Check Axis Bank Account Balance? 

Axis Bank has introduced online and offline banking facilities that would allow you to check your account balance from anywhere.

Check Bank Balance

Here is the complete list of ways in which you can check your account balance:

  1. Through Net Banking

  2. Via SMS

  3. Through Missed Call

  4. Mobile Banking

  5. Through Whatsapp

  6. By Visiting the ATM

  7. By Visiting the Nearest Branch

  8. Through Third-Party Apps

1. Axis Bank Balance Check Through Net Banking

Online banking has brought banking to everyone’s fingertips. You can perform most of the services right from your laptop or your phone. It is a popular and hassle-free way to manage your funds.

Checking your account balance through internet banking is a fairly simple process. Here are the steps involved in it -

STEP-1: Visit the official internet banking website of Axis Bank and log in to your account using your ID and password.

STEP-2: Go to the ‘My Account’ section. You will be able to see your available balance on the dashboard.

Please note that you have to sign up for net banking to be able to use this service. If you still need to sign up, contact your nearest Axis Bank branch to do so.

2. Axis Bank Balance Check Through SMS

SMS banking is an offline process that can be carried out on your mobile phone without an active internet connection. The Axis Bank balance enquiry numbers for SMS are -


+91 99518 60002

You need to send an SMS in the format <BAL><space><Account Number> to any of the above two numbers. You will receive an SMS with your account balance on your registered mobile number.

Some points to note are -

3. Axis Bank Balance Enquiry Number for Missed Call

You can call on Axis Bank toll free numbers from your registered mobile number to get your account balance instantly. The following are Axis Bank balance check numbers -

1800 419 5959(English)

1800 419 5858(Hindi)

You can also get your mini statement through missed call services. The Axis Bank toll free numbers for getting your mini statement are -

1800 419 6969(English)

1800 419 6868(Hindi)

When you call on these Axis balance check numbers, your call will be disconnected after a few rings. You will then receive your requested information as a text message on your number. 

4. Customer Care

Another simple way of knowing your account balance is to call the Axis Bank customer care toll free number which is -

1800 103 5577

Once you call the customer care number, follow these steps to learn your account balance -

STEP-1: Select the language of your choice.

STEP-2: Choose the ‘Banking’ option.

STEP-3: Enter the authentication details as prompted.

STEP-4: Once verified, your account balance will be notified to you.

5. Check Axis Bank Balance Through Mobile Banking

Axis Bank has two mobile apps that you can use to track your account activities, access banking services, and also check your account balance. The apps are -

Axis Mobile is a safe banking application that offers hundreds of features to ease the lives of its users. Please follow these steps to check your account balance on the Axis Mobile app -

STEP-1: Log in to the app using your credentials.

STEP-2: On the home screen, click on the ‘Accounts’ tab.

STEP-3: Your available account balance will be displayed on your screen.

Axis OK is simple, secure, and multilingual. The app and its services can be accessed offline and it also allows you to choose the language you are comfortable in. Download the app on your smart device and know your balance hassle-free. 

6. Axis Bank Balance Enquiry Number for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps today. Thus, banks offer hassle-free WhatsApp banking services. Axis balance check number for WhatsApp is -


Follow the below instructions to get your Axis Bank account balance through WhatsApp -

STEP-1: Save the number 7036165000 in your contacts and send a ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp. Please make sure that you message from your registered mobile number.

STEP-2: Click on ‘Account Balance’ to initiate a request. 

STEP-3: Provide the required information as prompted and your account balance will be displayed on your WhatsApp chat messages.

7. Check Axis Bank Balance Through the ATM

One of the most popular ways to check your account balance is by visiting an ATM. Follow these steps to check your Axis Bank account balance -

STEP-1: Visit your nearest Axis Bank or any other bank’s ATM with your ATM card.

STEP-2: Insert your card into the machine, select the language, and choose the ‘Balance Enquiry’ or ‘Check Balance’ option from the list of services.

STEP-3: Choose your account type, enter the 4-digit ATM PIN when prompted, and your account balance will be displayed on the screen. 

8. Check Axis Bank Account Balance at the Bank Branch

You can also directly check your account balance at the Axis Bank branch. Axis Bank offers two ways to check your balance:

Visit your nearest Axis Bank branch and request the bank officials to help you. They will procure your transaction details and bank balance for you. You might have to carry a verified ID and your account number for this.

Take your passbook with you and get it updated at the bank branch. You will be able to view all your transaction details and your current account balance, as well.

9. Check Axis Bank Account Balance via UPI Apps

The rise of digitalization has given way to several UPI platforms and apps that allow you to perform banking activities through their applications. You can view your account balance by following these steps -

STEP-1: Open your favourite UPI app and link your Axis bank account to the app by providing your account details.

STEP-2: On the home page of the app, select the ‘Balance Check’ option.

STEP-3: Provide your 4-digit UPI PIN and the app will display your account balance.


Axis Bank provides many methods to check your account balance. You can use any of these online or offline procedures to instantly check your available account balance. 

There are several reasons why you should check your balance regularly -

Checking your balance and updating your passbook from time to time is a great way to be at the top of your financial health.

Axis bank balance check Number Related FAQs

You can use Axis Bank’s Internet banking services or the Axis Mobile app on your phone to check your account online.

To check your Axis Bank balance using SMS services, you need to send an SMS in the format <BAL><space><Account Number> to 56161600 or +91 99518 60002 from your registered mobile number. 

You can give a missed call to 1800 419 5959 to get your Account Balance. For account balance in Hindi, dial 1800 419 5858.

No, you don’t need to visit the bank branch to know your account balance. You can easily check your account balance through missed call service, SMS banking, internet banking, mobile banking, etc.

You can visit your bank and submit a ‘Customer Request Form’ to register/update your mobile number or you can also use the nearest ATM and update the number.

Yes. Simply insert your card into the ATM and choose the account balance option. Then enter your PIN and the machine will display your balance. 

You can use SMS banking or missed call service to check your balance in case you don’t have access to the internet. They are simple to use and do not cost you any money. 

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