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We need to check our account balance from time to time to keep track of our expenses and savings. It can also help us to check our account for suspicious activities which may be fraudulent. The third-largest private bank in the nation, Axis Bank, with a balance sheet size of over INR 9,96,118 crores, allows its members to view their account balances quickly.

There are numerous ways you can check your bank balance if you are an Axis Bank account holder. You can choose from various options like net banking, SMS alerts, Axis Bank balance inquiry number and so on.

Ways To Check Axis Bank Balance

Axis Bank offers to its customer's various ways to enquire about their account balance. While you can go to the bank and know about the details of transactions along with account balance, this might not be convenient for many people.

Axis Bank has introduced online and offline banking facilities that would allow you to check your account balance without going to the bank and standing in long queues.

Here is the complete list of ways in which you will be able to know your present bank balance:

  • By using Axis Bank's Net Banking facilities
  • By getting Sms alerts on your registered number
  • By giving a missed call to Axis Bank balance inquiry number
  • By using Personal Phone Banking IVR
  • By using Axis Bank mobile apps
  • By going to an Axis Bank ATM
  • By visiting your Axis Bank branch
  • By using third-party banking or UPI apps

Some of these methods will only work if you have given the bank prior permission to send you information on your phone or through an online portal.

How to See Axis Bank Balance through Net Banking?

Online banking is quite a popular way to know about your account details. Axis bank members, too, can avail themselves of the benefits of net banking through their online website.

You will be able to check your account balance, get transaction details, make payments and so on. In case you don't know how to conduct a balance enquiry online, here are the steps that you need to follow to check your balance through their net banking system:

  • Step 1
    You need to sign up for net banking services when you open a bank account at Axis bank. People who have chosen not to apply for net banking facilities previously can also avail of net banking services by requesting their bank to activate their account for online banking.
  • Step 2
    You need to find the site which is the official net banking website for Axis bank. Here you will be able to log into your account for further steps.
  • Step 3
    After you open the website, log into your account using the User ID and password that has been provided by your bank when you signed up for net banking services. If you do not have either or both of these, you need to visit the bank for details.
  • Step 4
    After you have successfully logged into your online account, you will be able to locate your present account balance on the dashboard itself. You can click on your account number for even detailed transaction information to get bank statements about credit and debit activities.
    Keep in mind that you won't log into your account if you haven't enabled the bank to register your account for net banking services. If you face any problem logging into your online account, you will need to talk to your bank branch about it.

How to Know Axis Bank Balance through SMS?

People who are not very tech-savvy or do not want to activate net banking services for their accounts can use SMS alerts to know about their bank balance. There are three ways you can get an SMS alert that will have the details of your account balance:

Axis Bank Balance Check Through SMS Requests with keywords to the Server

You will be able to receive a one-time account balance SMS when you send an SMS to their toll-free enquiry number stating that you wish to check your account balance. You need to type

BAL [account-number] and then send it to the numbers +918691000002 and 56161600. Example Text: BAL 567

They will send you an SMS reply to your registered mobile number with your account balance. If you also wish to receive a mini statement of your last three transactions, you need to send the text MINI [account-number] to the same numbers. Example Text: MINI 910.

Axis Bank Balance Check Through Automatic Transaction SMS Alerts

An automatic SMS alert will be sent to your registered phone number whenever there is credit or debit activity on your mobile. You can view your account balance in these SMS. You can apply for automatic SMS alerts when you open an account at Axis Bank or when you feel you require this service.

Through Missed Calls to Axis Bank Balance Check Number for SMS with Account Balance Details

You can give a missed call to toll-free numbers if you don't feel like sending them a text. The numbers, along with the details, are given in the next section.

How to Check Axis Balance Through Phone Banking IVR?

Axis Bank also offers accessible personal phone banking services that allow you to receive your account details on call. You just need to give a call on either of these numbers:

  • 1-860-419-5555
    (Charges applicable as per the service provider)
  • 1-860-500-5555
    (Charges applicable as per the service provider)
  • +91-22-67987700
    (For customers living outside India)

When you call these numbers, the automated system will ask you for various information, and here is how you should navigate through them:

  • Step 1
    The operator will ask you to select a language of your choice. You can pick your preferred language.
  • Step 2
    You will have to enter your baking option, which will be balance enquiry or check balance.
  • Step 3
    The operator will ask you for specific authentication details, which you must provide to know your account balance.

If you cannot locate your last automatic account balance SMS, but you still wish to know about your account balance at the moment, you can give a missed call to an Axis bank balance inquiry number.

The system will inform you about your bank balance through an SMS sent to your registered mobile a few moments after the call is disconnected. Now, Axis bank offers two kinds of balance enquiry SMS. Here are the two types along with their respective numbers:

Checking Bank Balance Amount

You can give a missed call to two specific numbers for getting the information about your account balance amount only. This SMS won't contain any information about your recent transactions. Here are the numbers that you can call for each of these two types of SMS:

For English

If you wish to communicate in English, you need to give a missed call to 18004195959.

For Hindi

If you want to communicate in Hindi, you should give a missed call to 18004195858.

Receiving A Mini Bank Statement

Axis bank balance check number will also allow you to receive a mini bank statement SMS with details of your recent transactions and the present bank balance amount. Here are the two numbers that you can call for this purpose:

For English

If you wish to receive a bank statement in English, you need to call 1800 419 6969.

For Hindi

If you wish to receive a Hindi bank statement, you need to call 1800 419 6868.

Remember that this feature will only work if you give a missed call from the mobile number registered in your account. You need to be registered for the SMS banking service to get account balance information after giving missed calls.

All four numbers are toll-free, so you don't have to worry about a call or even SMS charges.

Axis bank has also introduced various mobile apps for easy online banking and tracking your account activities. These apps will also show you your account balance and transaction history whenever you wish to view them.

Axis bank apps include Axis Mobile and Axis OK. Here is his each of these two apps work and how you can view your account balance on them:

Axis Mobile

Axis Mobile offers customers various banking facilities like balance enquiry fund transfer, bill payment, opening new accounts, etc. You can download this app and log into your account to view your account balance. The account balance can be viewed under the Accounts heading on the app.

Axis OK

Axis OK is a multilingual app and is excellent for people who wish to communicate in vernacular languages. It also requires you to download the app and log into your account to know your bank balance.

Another way to check your account balance easily would be to go to an ATM and use your debit/credit card. Axis bank has over 11,333 ATMs all over the country for easy banking anytime.

You don't need to go to an Axis Bank ATM to check your bank balance. You can use any ATM of any bank to do so. Follow these steps to view your bank balance through a bank ATM:

  •  Step 1:
    Use the debit/credit card of the account whose balance you want to know and swipe it at the machine. Enter your password to continue to options.
  • Step 2:
    You will be able to find a Balance Enquiry or Check Balance option in the display. Different ATMs come with different UI, and you will have to select accordingly. Sometimes the option will be located in the Banking section on the first menu.
  • Step 3:
    After you enter the check balance option, your account balance will be shown on the screen.

Lastly, you can check your account balance at the Axis Bank branch, where you have created your account. This option is for individuals who do not have net banking or SMS alerts activated or haven't issued a debit/credit card against the account.

Here are two ways in which you will be able to check your balance at Axis bank:

Placing a Request

You can provide your account information to the bank employee who will procure your transaction details and bank balance for you.

Updating the Passbook

A passbook is issued by all banks for all accounts compulsorily. When you update this passbook at the bank, you will be able to view all your transaction details that will be printed on the booklet. Here you will find your present account balance.

While Axis bank has its own online banking apps, it also partnered with many other UPI platforms or third-party apps that will allow you to view your account balance. You will have to register and save your account details to avail of its services.

Most of these apps have a dedicated check balance section on their homepage where you will have to put your self-set UPI pin to check your bank balance. Below is a list of UPI or third-party apps that allow you to check your Axis Bank account's balance:-

  • BHIM Axis Pay
  • Freecharge
  • Amazon Pay
  • Bajaj Finserv Direct Ltd
  • CRED
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • PhonePe


These were some ways in which you will be able to view your bank account balance. Ensure you have activated the net banking and SMS options if you need to check your bank balances frequently. Going to the Axis bank branch will be tedious, so it's better if you opt for online banking, phone banking, or UPI banking to check your bank balance any time you want.

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