Axis Bank Balance Check Number

Axis Bank has made banking hassle-free for its customers. Account holders can now easily check their account balances and keep track of their expenses by simply using any one of many of its services mentioned below. 

1800 419 5959

How To Check Axis Bank Account Balance? 

Axis Bank has introduced online and offline banking facilities that would allow you to check your account balance from anywhere.

Check Bank Balance

Here is the complete list of ways in which you can check your account balance:

  1. Through Net Banking

  2. Via SMS

  3. Through Missed Call

  4. Mobile Banking

  5. Through Whatsapp

  6. By Visiting the ATM

  7. By Visiting the Nearest Branch

  8. Through Third-Party Apps

1. Axis Bank Balance Check Through Net Banking

Online banking is quite a popular way to know about your account details. 

Account holders must first sign up for net banking services to avail this facility.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to check your balance through their net banking system:

2. Axis Bank Balance Check Through SMS

People who are not very tech-savvy or do not want to activate net banking services for their accounts can use SMS alerts to know about their bank balance. 

There are two ways you can get your account balance through SMS alert:

  1. SMS BAL [account number] to 56161600

  2. SMS BAL [account number] to +918691000002

The account number is optional. If you do not specify the account number, you will receive the account balance of your primary account.

3. Axis Bank Balance Check Through Missed Call

Axis Bank offers missed call facility to its customers through which they can instantly access account information and other services with just a missed call. The customers, however, must first be registered for SMS banking services. 

These are the Axis bank balance check numbers that will instantly provide you with your account details.

Account Balance

Mini Statement

These missed call services work without the use of the Internet and are free to use.

4. Check Axis Bank Balance Through Mobile Banking

Axis Bank has also introduced various mobile apps using which customers can easily track their account activities, access banking services, and also check their account balance. The bank offer two apps, namely,

You can perform several banking activities such as fund transfers, pay bills, access mini statements, and more. 

You can also find out your account balance by simply logging in to your Axis Mobile app. 

5. Axis Bank Balance Check Through Whatsapp

Axis Bank has introduced another service to satisfy the banking needs of its customers. Now, Axis Bank account holders can avail its services through WhatsApp. 

Follow the below instructions to get your Axis Bank account balance through WhatsApp:

Through WhatsApp banking, you can conduct various banking activities from requesting FD details and credit card details to applying for pre-approved loans and ordering checkbooks. 

6. Check Axis Bank Balance Through the ATM

Another way to check your account balance easily is through the ATM and your debit card.  

7. Check Account Balance At Axis Bank

You can also directly check your account balance at the Axis Bank branch. Axis Bank offers two ways to check your balance:

8. Check Axis Bank Account Balance Using Other Third-Party Apps

The rise of digitalization has given way to several UPI platforms and apps that allow you to perform banking activities through their applications. You can view your account balance by following these steps: 

Bank Balance Check Numbers


Axis Bank account balance can be viewed by using any of the methods provided above. They are instant, available 24/7, and are made accessible to all. Make sure you have activated your net banking facility and SMS services to use these services. 

Axis bank balance check Number Related FAQs

You can give a missed call to 1800 419 5959 to get your Account Balance. For account balance in Hindi, dial 1800 419 5858.

No. You can simply follow any one of the above methods to check your account balance without leaving your house.

You can visit your bank and submit a ‘Customer Request Form’ to register/update your mobile number or you can also use the nearest ATM and update the number.

Yes. Simply insert your card into the ATM and choose the account balance option. Then enter your PIN and the machine will display your balance. 

You can use SMS banking or missed call service to check your balance incase you don’t have access to the internet. They are simple to use and do not cost you any money. 

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