20 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special on a Budget

Valentine's Day idea budget

Some look forward to Valentine’s Day. There are others who feel it’s too cliched. I, on the other hand, feel if there is a day to unwind, relax and have a good time with a special someone, we should never miss it. In case it’s a tiny bit of stress to find ways to make the day special for your partner. Or money is your concern. Worry not. There are many charming ways we can light up Valentine’s Day without burning a hole in the pocket.

Post a Letter or a Greeting Card

Go back fifteen years in time. Ditch texts, Facebook status or WhatsApp forwards. Buy beautiful stationery or card, write your feelings on it and post it. Don’t give it in person. Add a bit of drama to it. Let your partner find it in the mail. It would make a perfect ‘You’ve got mail’ moment but with a personal touch.

Re-create your Special Moments

Be it your first date, college days or the first long drive. Take the same route or dine at the same place – re-create that special day and relive the romance. I find this very charming. This fills the day with love and nostalgia. Plus, it’s more endearing than an expensive gift.

Surprise your Working Partner with a Takeaway Lunch

This year Valentine’s day is in the middle of the week. But there is no need to take a day off or postpone the celebration until the weekend. Surprise your partner at work. Order their favorite food, pick-it-up, and head to their office at lunch hours. In case they are busy with work or stuck in a meeting – improvise. Spend an hour and make it special.

Bake a Cake Together

No celebration is complete without a cake. So go ahead and bake yours. But do it together. One person measures and the other mixes. Women use their skills to make it perfect. And men use their muscle to make the icing from scratch. Do one activity and make it memorable. There are tons of cake ideas on the internet. Search and add sweetness to this day.

Spend the Day Tech-Free

Turn off your cell phone, don’t check your laptop and spend the day with your partner.  Mobile has reduced the intimacy. Even if watch a movie, we check our phones multiple times. We talk and fiddle with our phones. Don’t do that. Spend the time with your partner – talk, listen and give them your undivided attention. There is no better gift than the gift of time.

Take Part in Each Other’s Favorite Activity

I like listening to music on a long drive. My husband loves the sunset. To make it special for the both of us, we combine these two. We go for a long drive while my favorite songs play in the car. We can plan the day to make it entertaining for two people. If he loves cricket and you love movies – watch both. If she likes to shop and you want to go bowling – indulge in these activities one after another.

Send Quirky Gifts

Make your partner laugh with some quirky gifts. A t-shirt or mug with a funny quote. A bobblehead with a whacky poem. Maybe, something they dislike to stir up things a bit. You know them better than anyone else, so go ahead and make them laugh. Remember, there is more fun in nonsense.

A Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Valentine's Day ideas budget 1

Create your own scavenger hunt. If not outside, build it inside the home. Leave a trail of clues that end with a gift. Use clues that are related to your relationship – birthdays, anniversaries, dinner dates or based on your travel journal. Make it adventurous, amusing and fairly competitive.

Play Board Games

Board games are another engaging way to spend Valentine’s Day. But instead of usual board games, find something exciting. There are printable love puzzles and games available online. Try Valentine’s Day Bingo, Spinner Games or Battle of Sexes – some all time favorites. If you want to notch up the intimacy level, order some saucy board games online.

Work on a Project Together

DIY is more fun than you can imagine. Create a tangible thing to celebrate this special day. Find one thing you would love to build together – make a collage, redecorate your terrace or make a photo book and get it in print. Challenge your creative side and make something memorable.

Valentine's Day ideas budget

Go Groovy with Close Friends

Organize a party with close friends. Sip, eat, talk and listen. Share beautiful anecdotes from your romantic days. When it comes to fun – the more, the merrier. Have a fun evening with other couples.

Spend the Day in the Lap of Nature

Leave the rush of the city and the hype of restaurants, and spend quality time in the lap of nature. Pack a picnic, hike or trek. Watch the gorgeous sunset. Take a stroll. There are endless options. Enjoy the solitude and company.

Gift a Customized Basket

I love personalized gifts. They show care and effort. Go easy on money and high on personalization. Add little trinkets, things your partner uses often or something he/she is planning to buy for a long time. Make it extra special with a heartfelt message. Surprise them with this basket early morning to kickstart the day on a beautiful note.

Single – Organise a Date with Other Single Friends

Who says Valentine’s Day is for couples? Don’t let your relationship status make you feel left out. Plan and spend your day with your friends. Go out, hit the club and eat out. Watch a movie and enjoy the day. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, spend it with those who matter.

Paint the Town Red with Family

I love spending time with my family. The joy simply doubles. Book a table at a restaurant, watch a movie or gift little tokens of appreciation to your family. Color coordinate your outfits and paint the town red. From granny to grandchildren – make everyone a part of the celebration. This would make the day the best Valentine’s memory ever.

Spend the Evening with Music and Wine

Get a glass of wine, relax and make the evening romantic with the right music. For those who love to sing, add karaoke. If you play an instrument, perform for your partner. Those like me and my partner, open Youtube and listen to your favorite songs. I recommend playing songs that were in your Wedding or Engagement video, or your favorites from courtship period. It makes the evening extra special.

Plan a Romantic Getaway

Classics never go out of style. A romantic getaway is a safe and charming way to celebrate the day. Plan a day filled with activity and laidback evening with food and music. Book a fancy room and spend the night together. Spend the day in style.

Attend Local Valentine’s Day Events

Take the newspaper and find the events happening in your city. Circle the ones you like. Consult your partner and attend those events. Attend a live concert, comedy show or food festival. This is a no-stress way to enjoy Valentine’s day. Dress up and enjoy with other couples.

Book a Spa Date

Pamper yourself and your better half. Book a spa date and indulge in the luxury. There are special offers around the Valentine’s Day. Make use of those to spend a relaxed day. Come back rejuvenated and end the day with a fancy meal.

Enjoy Meal at Home and Favorite Movies

For a totally relaxed celebration, spend the evening at home. Don’t cook, order food. No fancy clothes. Sit back and enjoy the evening with food, movie and your special someone. In this fast paced life, this is a celebration of sorts. It’s highly recommended for working couples.

Use these ideas, mix-and-match or improvise. In case you’ve planned something extraordinary, please share with us in the comments below.

A Company Secretary by profession, Saru found her true calling in writing. She blogs at sarusinghal.com which she religiously updates every Monday for the last four years.

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