Read What Ajay Found When He Tried Moneyview for The First Time!

Financial emergencies can come at any time. Getting the required funds at the right time matters a lot at such moments. 

Moneyview offers personal loans within 24 hours in most cases. The interest rates start from 10% and you can get up to Rs.10 Lakh, depending on your eligibility.

Let’s read Ajay’s story to know his experience with Moneyview loans. 

Tell us something about yourself

I live in Vangni in Maharashtra. I work as a gardener.

What kind of loan did you avail from Moneyview?

I availed of a personal loan from Moneyview for some personal reasons.

Why did you apply for a loan from Moneyview and not other banks or financial institutions?

I had heard about Moneyview from my friends and relatives. I checked it on the PlayStore and saw that they had many customers as well. The reviews were good too. Thus, I decided to go with Moneyview for my requirements. 

How did you get to know about Moneyview loans?

I heard about Moneyview from my family and friends. I also saw a couple of ads on Facebook and Television.

What did you think of the Moneyview loans app and the application process? Are there any particular features that you enjoyed?

The application process was easy and got done in a few minutes on my phone. I didn’t need to submit any photocopies and it was 100% online, which sped up the process. 

Once I submitted the loan agreement, the amount was transferred into my bank account directly within a few hours. The whole process took just about a day.

Final Thoughts

I was a little apprehensive when everyone around me was saying such good things about Moneyview. On trying it out, I agree with them completely. 

They even charged a low interest rate as compared to other apps that I had tried. I am very happy with the experience. 

Thank you Sir for your wonderful feedback. We hope that you come back to Moneyview for future requirements!