Cash in on the Craze: How to Make Money During The IPL

Summers in India usually mean three things: mangoes, holidays, and IPL! 

The Indian Premier League or IPL, for the uninitiated, is a domestic cricket tournament played with eight teams, each team representing an Indian city. IPL, conducted in the T20 format, welcomes players from all countries to participate. These players are auctioned off to franchises at huge amounts. 

This larger-than-life phenomenon that started in 2008 became an integral part of the Indian household and culture and has captivated audiences of all ages and generations.

While IPL is a moneymaker for the players, over the years, fans have found ways to make money out of this mania. 

In this blog, we will look at a few legal ways the common man can tune in to this entertainment and turn it into cash!

5 Ways to Make Money as a Fan During IPL

IPL has firmly established itself as a summer tradition with millions of fans religiously following every ball of every match. 

Watching IPL brings a ton of entertainment with its award-worthy twists and nail-biting finishes, but it doesn’t make us a penny. Or at least that was the case. Now, there a several exciting ways to do so. Here are a few! 

IPL Volunteering 

IPL is a ginormous event that takes months to organize and requires hundreds of support staff putting in the work every second to run smoothly. It creates several jobs including event management, operations, marketing, hospitality, and more. With the right connections, and enough experience you can find suitable career prospects.

Cash in on the Craze: How to Make Money During IPL

First, check the official website of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and its teams to see whether there are any job openings. You can also contact event management companies that work with IPL teams to see if there are any job openings. Attending relevant events and conferences might help you meet the right people and learn about new job opportunities.

IPL Themed Tournaments

While IPL’s popularity can not be overstated, IPL-themed local tournaments have become the norm. Organize a local cricket tournament mirroring the IPL format. Go all out by naming the teams, designing jerseys for each team, streaming the event, and even selling tickets for the event(only if the event is big enough)!

Offer refreshments during the matches, as well. This can attract participation fees and potentially sponsorships from local businesses.

Affiliate Marketing

Consider affiliate marketing programs if you are a devoted cricket fan and would like to make money by promoting cricket-related goods or services. You can share affiliate links with your audience through these programs, and get paid commissions on sales made as a result of your referrals.

Cash in on the Craze: How to Make Money During IPL

With cricket’s increasing appeal, there’s a great chance to capitalize on your passion and generate passive income. You can also select from a variety of cricket-related goods and services, including live-streaming services, sports gear, merchandising, and more.

Set Up a Stall

Cricket brings fans to stadiums in droves. You can monetize this by setting up a stall close by. However, you must take the necessary permissions and provide the required permits to ensure your business runs without any hiccups.

Visit a stadium during match days to understand what sells best and plan accordingly.

Content Creator

The internet is buzzing with IPL content. From memes and reviews to streaming and reaction videos, there is no dearth of content surrounding IPL. Even during the off-season, you can find content creators making use of IPL clips to keep fans engaged by sharing their two cents about the match.  

Cash in on the Craze: How to Make Money During IPL

You can use your extensive cricket knowledge to offer insightful pre-match predictions, post-match reviews, or player analyses on your blog, YouTube channel, or social media. On the other hand, if you are someone with a funny bone, then memes, skits, and engaging commentary videos can be your golden ticket. 


Whether you are an ardent cricket fan or someone who swore off cricket a long time ago, there is no escaping the IPL mania, come summer. It’s omnipresent. IPL has gripped the nation ever since its inception and has an ever-growing passionate fan base along with a massive commercial presence. So why not make some money off of it while also being entertained? In legitimate ways, of course. Just remember to pick your strong suit and stick to it!