A Businesswoman’s Choice for Convenient Personal Loans – Read Khushboo Devi’s opinion

moneyview 5 star customer story

Personal loans are a great solution to our financial problems but in most cases, getting that loan becomes a huge problem in itself.

However, once we find a trustworthy source, one we can rely on, getting a personal loan is the easiest task.

Here is the story of Khushboo Devi, an entrepreneur, who swears by moneyview when it comes to personal loans. Let’s take a look at why she trusts us completely.

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Tell us something about yourself

I am Khushboo Devi. I own and run a boutique in Delhi.

What kind of loan did you avail from moneyview?

I wanted urgent funds for my business and took a personal loan from moneyview for this purpose. 

Why did you apply for a loan from moneyview and not other banks or financial institutions?

This is actually my second loan from moneyview. Right from the time I first tried it, I loved how simple it was to use. Since then, I have never thought of looking for other apps. I was and still am completely satisfied with moneyview.

How did you get to know about moneyview loans?

I wanted to grow my business further and realized that I needed funds. I was discussing this with my friend and she told me about an app that could help me in just 24 hours. That’s how I was introduced to moneyview.

What did you think of the moneyview loans app and the application process? Are there any particular features that you enjoyed?

I loved everything about the moneyview app. The application process is really fast and I didn’t have to submit too many unnecessary documents. 

My favorite feature, however, is that once you have paid your loan, you will be offered a higher loan amount. This is apt  for my type of business, as it gives me flow of capital. 

Final Thoughts

Finding a reliable and quick source of business capital can be difficult. Many of my friends have fallen for dangerous schemes that are not reliable.

I am happy that I found the moneyview loans app and can grow my boutique with its help. I can get the funds within a few hours and that too at affordable rates.

Thank you Ma’am for your wonderful feedback. We wish you and your business the very best!

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