Gold Investments #MoneyViewChat Recap


gold investments #MoneyViewChat

Considering that we were in the thick of Diwali festivities, last week we discussed a topic of interest for all – gold investments. There is more to gold investments than jewellery as you will find out from this interesting chat. Here’s the recap:

Those among our community who celebrated Dhanteras did so by buying gold or silver jewellery. Some bought utensils too. This did seem like a day that would be a jeweller’s delight.

Some useful tips were shared by the participants about buying gold. Gold coins were considered a prudent option for investment. Gold jewellery was preferred to be purchased by trusted sources and with all necessary certification.

Most people preferred to see the gold before buying jewellery hence jewellery being bought online is still very niche. Gold coins, gold bonds and ETFs due to the nature of the purchases are easily bought online.

Given the affinity of Indians to gold, it was seen that most of our community members thought gold to be a great investment option even now.

Again, despite the government’s best efforts, sovereign gold bonds and other online gold schemes still find a very niche market. Most people do prefer to buy physical gold in the form of jewellery and gold coins.

With this we wrapped another interesting session at #MoneyViewChat. Do join us every Thursday between 7 and 8 pm for some fun and chatter around Finance and Money.