How Decluttering Your Home Saves You Precious Money?

How Decluttering your Home Saves you Precious Money?

Imagine this – you are getting ready for a party and you want to wear your orange scarf, but even after searching the cupboard for fifteen minutes, you can’t find it. If this has happened to you, the solution is to declutter. Giveaway or sell things that are seldom used and make room for necessary items. Decluttering helps us in making the best use of all items we own and while doing so, we also save money.

No more duplicate purchases

When we declutter our home we get to know our belongings – what we have and how much of it. We may have tons of things in our cupboard, but if we can’t find them, they are of no use. Decluttering helps in taking stock of items. We keep things we want. Also, we find misplaced items. The benefit – we don’t buy duplicate items. So, we not only save money on buying duplicate items, we also make use of every single penny spent.

Say no to food wastage

Kitchen is the most overloaded place in our home. We store items thinking we may need it and forget that every food item has an expiration date. Even with items without an expiry, wouldn’t it be good to buy fresh rather than using stale herbs? Arrange the kitchen and fridge – rotate the containers, throw away things that are never used and make a habit of buying as per our requirement. Once we buy as per our need and use all the items in the pantry, there will be no food wastage. Remember, it’s better to stock kitchen every week than throwing food.

Sell the unused items and make money

We have many items that we buy and never use – a chopper we bought at an exhibition, books that we have read and gifts lying in our closet. Either donate these items or sell them online. There are websites where one can sell used items. Create an account and make money while you save yourself from the trouble of cleaning the house.

Savings on storage items and cleaning supplies

Space in our home is always limited. When we buy more stuff we make room for it by buying more cupboards, boxes, storage containers and racks. In addition to the cost of items we buy, we spend more money on buying storage items. With more items to take care of, we need more cleaning supplies and hence the vicious circle of spending time and money continues. By decluttering, we can put an end to it and save – money, energy and time.

Decluttering helps put a stop on impulsive buying

Cleaning and stocking items on the basis of needs have a physiological advantage. As we are well aware of what we have, we don’t indulge in impulsive buying. Like last week I loved a baking bowl but as I know I have one that I rarely use, I didn’t buy it. Same goes with clothes, shoes and with other household items. We think before buying and it saves a lot of money which we spend otherwise.

Decluttering not only helps in saving money, it also gives us more space and time. We feel more in control of our possessions and make the best use of them. Remember the mantra – less is more. The less we stock, the more money and time we have at our disposal. Declutter your home and tell us about your time and money savings.

A Company Secretary by profession, Saru found her true calling in writing. She blogs at which she religiously updates every Monday for the last four years.

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