Money View Loans Stories – Why Prasanna was Delighted with Money View Loans

Prasanna Kumar is a young professional from Mysore who currently lives and works in Bangalore. He lives with his parents. Recently, he had a sudden emergency of a personal nature and needed money in a day or two. Since his need for money was time dependent, he knew that conventional sources for personal loans were not an option for him. While he was mulling over anxiously, a friend of his suggested Money View Loans. He decided to download Money View Loans App and to cut a long story short, he got a loan within 2 days of applying for it.

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How did Prasanna come across Money View Loans?

It helped that one of Prasanna’s friends recommended an App that swiftly disbursed personal loans with minimal procedure. Favourable reviews on Play Store assured him that Money View Loans was a legitimate and swift lender of money.

What was the process of getting Personal Loans with Money View?

The process was extremely easy with no hidden clauses, terms and conditions. After downloading the Money View Loans app, Prasanna uploaded all the documents needed for approval. When he had a query about a specific document, he reached out to the Customer Service team that responded swiftly. Hence after a smooth upload of documents, he was contacted by the Customer Service team to let him know that his loan was approved, all within a day of applying. From then to getting the money in his bank account required a few more hours. As Prasanna was in urgent need of funds, he was delighted with this swift process of getting personal loans with Money View Loans.

Features that work for him

  1. Fast Disbursal: Time was of the essence for Prasanna. Since he got money within 2 days, he was able to meet his urgent personal need in time. He mentioned that money not within time would have been useless to him.
  2. Online Process: An online application process helped Prasanna get a loan without spending any time in legwork. He also did not want to take any leave of absence from work.
  3. Short procedure unlike banks: As a working professional, Prasanna preferred a hassle-free procedure that subjected him to minimal effort and did not require any travel. Money View Loans enabled him to do just that through an easy, transparent and completely online loan approval and disbursal process.
  4. Credible Loan given: Prasanna was delighted to get a collateral-free loan from Money View Loans within two days of application. He is looking to apply for a Top-up loan as soon as he pays off the current loan.
  5. Low Penalty when EMI was delayed: Prasanna was thankful that penalty charged by Money View Loans was pretty low when he missed out paying on time once.

Final Word

“I can’t believe that I can get loan money in my bank account within two days of applying.”

We are very happy for Prasanna that he got money swiftly when he needed it the most. He is so elated that he is recommending Money View Loans to all his friends and relatives.

Thank you for talking to us, Prasanna.