Money View Loans Story — Why Manojit Feels that Money View Loans are Convenient

In our series on Money View Loans user stories, we bring you tales from our Money View Loans customers. They share with us how they went about getting personal loan online with Money View Loans. Today’s story is of Manojit Das.

Tell us something about yourself

Manojit Das is 31 years old. He is from Kolkata in West Bengal. He works in a private firm in Kolkata and live with his wife, brother and family.

What kind of Personal Loan did you take with Money View Loans?

Manojit is onto his second loan withMoney View Loans App. His first personal loan was at the time of his marriage to take care of some personal expenses. Subsequently, considering his good record as a loan customer, he got an offer for a Top-up loan. He took that loan as well from Money View Loans.

Why did Manojit reach out to Money View Loans for his personal loan?

Manojit got a recommendation from a friend who had a good experience with Money View for Loans. So Manojit decided to giveMoney View Loans App a try. He downloaded the App and checked out how much loan he was eligible for.  Subsequently, he completed the formalities and got his personal loan.

Why did Manojit not approach a bank for loan?

Manojit did not want a long-winded process involving many visits to the bank, loss of time and also long disbursal times even when the loan is approved.

What features of Money View Loans did Manojit like?

Manojit was very happy with the following features of Money View Loans App:

1.Easy to use App:  The App is simple and has a step-by-step approach to uploading documents.

2. Transparent Process: No hidden conditions and a well-laid out process.

3. Quick Loan: From approval to disbursement everything happened within 36 hours.

4. Painfree process: The process was super easy as one could do all procedures right at home. It caused no stress, and the money came to the bank account without followups.

5. Low effort: Since one can get personal loan online sitting at home from anywhere in India at a reasonable interest rate, Manojit gives a thumbs up to Money View Loans.

Final Word

Overall, Manojit only had nice things to say about the App. He did point out that the Customer service team was helpful and quick especially via email. But sometimes voice calls took a long time to go through.

We have noted your suggestion, Manojit. Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are very happy that you like Money View Loans and are already recommending it to your friends and family.