Top 5 Websites for Filing Income Tax Returns (ITR) Online in India

Most of us only bother collecting documents and calculating our annual taxes once the due date comes close. But, it’s never too early to start getting your documents in order to prepare your Income Tax Return (ITR) and file it with the Income Tax Department (ITD). 

In order to collect more information from taxpayers and enable system-assisted processing of returns, ITRs have been made more comprehensive and detailed.

While it has made the work of the ITD relatively easier, taxpayers find it difficult to fill the ITR forms by themselves and thus, feel the need to contact professionals like CAs, etc. 

However, with the advent of technology, several websites have emerged offering a helping hand to enable taxpayers to file their ITRs cost-effectively.

We’ve curated a list of the 5 best websites to help you file your taxes online easily. Take a look.

1.Income Tax India Official Website

income tax department

It is the website of the Income Tax Department of India which provides the facility to e-file Income Tax Returns. All the Income Tax Returns, even if generated through other software and e-filing portals, are also required to be uploaded on this website only. The portal provides you an option to prepare ITR-1 and ITR-4 returns online through easy-to-use interface.

The portal also provides Excel and Java utility for all the ITR forms. Here the users input the necessary information, which is validated against pre-specified checks and then converted into XML format. The user can upload the XML file online and file the return.

You can also view your Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) so that you can match the TDS credits being claimed in the ITR and the actual TDS credit reflecting in your online account.

In addition to the above, you can also perform various other functions like checking the status of earlier ITRs, submit the refund re-issue request, e-verification of ITR, rectification request, etc. Hence, it is the best website to file taxes online for free.

2. ClearTax


Cleartax is among the best online tax filing websites in India trusted by more than 40 lakh taxpayers to file their ITRs online. Further, it also enables 20,000+ CAs and tax experts to assist their clients for all their tax related issues through their website and app.

A user-friendly web interface makes it easier for all taxpayers to prepare their ITR online. With a very user-friendly web interface, it is easier for salaried assesses and freelancers/ business persons with presumptive income to file their returns for a nominal rate.

However, if you are unable to or unsure of filing on your own, you can always use their assisted plan facility.

ClearTax is a registered e-Return Intermediary with the Income Tax Department and hence, you can file the returns directly through their portal without even logging into your Income Tax Account.

3. MyITReturn

my IT Return

MyITReturn is a leading online ITR filing website with more than 26 lakh users, helping the users calculate their taxes and prepare their ITRs online using their website The first Income-tax return in India was filed using their software, which had been developed for the Income Tax Department itself.

Besides their website, the portal also helps over 200,000 users calculate, pay and file their tax return using their mobile App for Android and iOS, making this process very handy and convenient.

Apart from English, users also have an option to use their services in over 9 Indian languages (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Punjabi). The portal offers free e-filing facility to salaried employees with income less than Rs. 2.50 lakh. Taxpayers with higher income have paid plans for them, starting from Rs. 199 plus taxes.

MyITReturn is also a registered e-Return Intermediary with the Income Tax Department, which makes it possible to upload your ITRs directly from their site to the Income Tax Department’s server.

4. TaxBuddy

Tax Buddy ITR filing

TaxBuddy is one of the most recent and promising websites that helps in filing your ITR. It is trusted by over 700K users and they claim to reduce taxes up to 26%. Even though it was launched in 2019, it has become a go-to website for new age taxpayers.

They have several plans to choose from, listed right on their homepage, starting from as low as Rs. 499/-. Their e-filing application ensures that you file accurate tax returns. But in case you are unable to understand the technicalities by yourself, you can reach out to their experts using the live chat facility. 

Its easy plan selector and interface helps even businesspersons and freelancers file their ITR. You can also use TaxBuddy to plan your taxes throughout the year. In case you get a tax notice, they will prepare and file the response at no extra cost.

5. TaxSpanner


TaxSpanner is one of India’s largest and most trustworthy websites to file ITR. There is no free support, but you can opt for plans starting from as low as Rs.249/-. You can also find other services like Audit filing, IT Department follow up, and CA assisted tax filing.

You can upload your PDFs on the website and also register with them. The best thing about this portal is that they guarantee that your data will be fully confidential and secure with them. If you are an SBI customer, you can get extra benefits from them. 

It has also been registered with the Government of India Tax Department as an e-return intermediary.

In Conclusion

Filing taxes seems intimidating at first glance but today, there are a number of online portals that can make this job easy for you. Not only do these websites offer an easy and cost-effective way for you to file your ITRs, you can also take the help of experts if you run into trouble. Therefore, filing your ITRs does not have to be complicated anymore. 

Do remember to file your returns by 31st July every year and stay updated about your tax calendar.

Meghana Suresh

In an ideal world, Meghana would spend all her days curled up with a novel. But she found the next best thing and is enjoying her stint as a content writer at moneyview trying to help others understand the nuances of all things finance.

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