Track your Reimbursements with Money View

Track your Reimbursements with Money View

Was that monthly expense report you submitted at office fun to do? If you are gesturing a no, you are not alone. Even with the best of intentions, you may have missed a bill or forgotten about an expense.

So what happens – you lose money that you could’ve have otherwise claimed for, as a work-related expense.

Is there an easy way to track these expenses?

Now there is! Money View brings you another cool feature to make expense tracking and reporting a breeze. ‘Reimbursements’ is a feature that lets you track and tag all your work and business-related expenses. So the fuel expenses for that weekly client meeting, stationery bought during a business trip or that lunch with business associates can all be tracked and accounted for, on your Money View app.

Here’s how it works:

  • When you make a transaction (debit card, credit card, NEFT), you immediately get an SMS notification, that is summarized on the app (Rs. 780 – Dining, Rs. 1000 – Transport etc.)
  • Click on the particular transaction, it takes you to ‘Edit Transaction’
  • Select ‘Yes’ under the entry ‘Reimbursable’ and save
  • Manually enter cash transactions, and mark them as Reimbursable

This feature gets cooler; you can also:

  • Take a picture of the bill receipt – Click on Bill/ Receipt (Add New) <If your office insists on original bills, you will have to retain them>
  • Enter specific details of the expense, for further reference – Make entries under ‘Notes’ – ( For example: Lunch with Client D)

And voila, all your Reimbursable expenses are tracked, and in one place. Go to Reimbursements from the Main Menu on Money View App to see your list of work-related expenses. You can now be prompt in your expense reporting – no more forgotten expenses, no more stress, and no more losing money.

Track your expenses, anytime, anywhere and on the go.

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