My Money View Story: Live life queen size and save smart

Reshma : Money View helps me live life queen size and save smartReshma is a successful professional working in a multi-national company. A small town girl, she moved to Bangalore recently as part of a career move. She says, ‘Moving to a new place is both exciting and challenging. One often does not know the place or the language… and it’s also quite costly.

When I moved to Bangalore, I used lots of apps to make the right decisions – for shopping (apparel and groceries), finding the right place to stay, good places to dine in and much more. So when a friend of mine introduced me to Money View as a cool way to manage my finances I was ready to give it a try”.

Over the past year, Reshma has been using Money View to help her gain an understanding of her expenses, pay her bills on time and live within a budget. The app proved useful as she was able to live a good life and at the same time save money for the future.

She says, “My father recently asked me to keep aside some money for my marriage. So I have set myself a monthly budget and am sending home a certain amount of money.  Money View helps me spend wisely and save smart.”

Reshma makes extensive use of certain Money View features that can help those inclined save for a better tomorrow.