Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students

Commerce stream can offer an ample amount of highest salary jobs for commerce students. There are two types of commerce streams after high schooling, commerce with maths and commerce without math. Both of them are in demand nowadays.

Let’s discuss the best salary jobs for commerce students with maths

Chartered Accountant

If a person belongs to the commerce field, a chartered accountant is a job that is well known in this field. Commerce students will think about this course at least once in their lifetime. ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants) is a well-known institute that makes a person a chartered accountant after a long journey of examinations and internships. It is one of the most desired job commerce stream jobs. Being a Chartered Accountant, one can run important company accounts, and ensure the calculation of finances.

  • Chartered Accountants can enjoy a salary up to 30,00,000 INR per annum and other bonus, allowances, there are many more benefits depending on the company and organizations.
  • The average salary for a Chartered Accountant is ranging between 6-40 lakhs per annum which makes one of the highest salary jobs for commerce students in India and worldwide.

Investment Banker

Commerce is a stream where we have to deal with numbers and calculations whether financial or other. In the case of Investment Bankers, commerce students will deal with finances and investments. Therefore, these individuals are trained to represent their companies or on how a person can deal with his/her finances. Investment Banker provides financial advice and recommendations to different organizations and associations on how to manage their funds and complete their financial goals with constant business growth.

  • An Investment Banker can earn up to 45,00,000 INR (Salary). These figures depend and vary from company to company and experience also plays an important role.
  • The average salary for an Investment Banker is ranging between 5-45 lakhs which makes of the best job field commerce students in India and worldwide.

Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst is one of the most desirable jobs in the field of investment management discipline. CFA is among the highest salary jobs for commerce students offering a handsome salary of up to 20 lakhs INR per year. This is a Globally recognized job and offers several roles like wealth management, equity, fixed income analysis, credit analysis, etc. As already said this is a very desirable job in this field, so getting this job is ain’t easy. A student has to pass 3 layers of exams covering different topics of study, including main subjects like economics, accounting, money, management, security analysis, and ethics. A degree of bachelors is a must and a minimum of 4 years of experience. A Chartered Accountant can take more benefits of the CFA examination.

Cost Accountant

Cost Accountant is again a very desirable job in the commerce stream in India. Preparing a budget, analyzing profit, and accounting are some major job roles of a Cost Accountant. These individuals are specialists in their fields, and help in the preparation of budget managing funds of a company, and analyzing the growth. Cost Accountants calculate and predict the actual cost of manufacturing any product and its delivery to the customer. For this, they have to study the proper figures and processes for calculating the correct amount.

  • This job requires great calculation skills and can be an interesting job for any good commerce student aspiring for the job. A fresher can easily get a package of 5 lakhs INR per year.
  • The average salary for a Cost Accountant is ranging between 4-12 lakhs which make it one of the highest salary jobs for commerce students.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is the most senior officer in any corporate organization. CEOs can also run government businesses or private organizations. To become a CEO, no specific qualification is required but most of them are degree holders and have a large experience in the corporate world.

The role of a CEO includes managing and running the entire organization. To look after all the activities happening around and he is also responsible for making big decisions for their company or organization. They are the face of their company and every drop or rise can be a threat to their position. Being a Chief Executive Officer for any organization is not an easy job. It requires the extreme engagement of the brain and any wrong step can lead to a loss of even crores.

Being a Chief Executive officer(CEO) he is offered the highest package in this field of the amount of up to 3 crores and benefits up to 1 crore. Apart from allowances, these officers are also given other luxurious benefits like bungalows, cars, servants, etc.

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Highest Salary Jobs for Commerce Students without Maths

Let’s discuss the best salary jobs for commerce students without maths:

Marketing Manager

This profession is one of the most wanted jobs in the business field and among the highest salary jobs for commerce students, a role of a marketing manager is to manage the marketing sector of the company and its products. They create every required field and plan, execute, organize and promote the business growth. This career is full of opportunities and challenges. Skills required for the job include creative thinking, excellent communication skills to attract investors, brief knowledge of the market, reporting and documenting abilities, knowledge of digital marketing and related fields.

This job offers a salary of 6-9 lakhs per year which can rise to 23 lakhs depending on experience and ranking make it one of the highest salary jobs for commerce students without math.

Human Resource manager

This is a job that requires strategic planning and pathways leading towards employee management of any organization keeping the profit and growth of the company in mind. All the process-related job hiring like an interview, new staff recruitment, employment incentives, etc. This field is a growing field with many opportunities and every company or organization requires these specialists for new recruitments.

Skills required for this job are good communication, leadership attitude, convincing abilities, etc. A salary of 6- 7 lakhs per year which can go up to 12-15 lakhs per year is a good reason to aspire to this job.


There are many other jobs in the stream of Commerce (with or without maths) :

Financial Examiner

Sales manager

Investment Analyst

Management Analyst

Budget Analyst

Finance Manager


Accounts and Finance Executive

Business Consultant

Risk and Insurance Manager

Stock Broker


Relationship Manager

Corporate Control Manager

Credit Control Manager

Corporate Controller

Management Consultant

Treasures and Finance Officer

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