AI/ML Engineer Salaries in India

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are terms that we hear every day in the technology industry. But with a surplus of information on what these two technologies are, it’s sometimes difficult to decipher what they mean. Today, technological advancements are pushing us to build artificial intelligence and machine learning Into more industries, and the industry needs professionals who can help.

If you are looking for a fast-paced, challenging job as a part of the artilect industry, this blog is your one-stop-shop. We’ll give you information on the job roles and artificial intelligence salary in India along with machine learning engineer salary in India.

Educational Requirements in Artificial Intelligence

Entry-level roles in the field of artificial intelligence are generally held by graduates with :

An artificial intelligence engineer salary depends on the strong process-oriented approach towards solving problems related to different domains such as :

For professionals working in the industry, it is relatively easier to upskill for AI job roles by enrolling in AI certification courses, or training programs, or online boot camps. An artificial intelligence engineer salary in India varies according to the knowledge in each subject.

Artificial Intelligence Salary Packages in India

With the demand for AI engineers in India and abroad at its peak, there are plenty of opportunities for those capable of meeting these expectations. However, experience can play a major role in getting a job in Artificial Intelligence in India.

Salary Based on Experience :

Artificial Intelligence engineer salary in India varies according to the experience of working in this particular field. Some of the examples are -

Professional AI developers are highly respected, and many AI start-ups and organizations are ready to pay a lot of money to get these professionals on board.

Salary Based on Location :

If you’re interested in working in artificial intelligence, you should also know that salaries vary according to a specific location. Artificial Intelligence salary in India varies according to the location -

AI engineers in India are in huge demand right now. Thus, Artificial Intelligence engineer salaries in India have been pretty good for all the engineers.

Top Ranking Artificial Intelligence (AI) Jobs in India

The field of artificial intelligence has continued to grow in the past few years, leading to a spike in the number of AI jobs offered on the job market. Artificial Intelligence salary in India for top ranking jobs are:

Sl. no. Top Ranking AI Jobs Average Yearly Salary Offered

Principal Data Scientist



AI Resercher



Data Analyst



Data Engineer



Algorithm Engineer



Computer Vision Engineer



Data Scientist



Computer Scientist



ML Engineer


Many of the biggest large-scale recruiters use AI daily. Their teams include leaders in the field who will help you develop and utilize cutting-edge AI technologies. Some biggest recruiters are -

Artificial Intelligence salary in India is one of the highest in the country. As the demand for AI professionals continues to rise, employers are offering competitive pay packages to attract the best talent.

Machine Learning Educational Requirements

Machine learning engineers have a crucial role in companies. They develop algorithms that can be used in applications, starting from image and facial recognition to recommendation systems on e-commerce websites. 

Machine Learning engineer salary in India is quite high but has some educational requirements. These are -

Machine Learning Salary Packages in India

The demand for Machine Learning Engineers in India is increasing rapidly. Few people who have the required skills are aware of what could be their career growth in this domain. 

Machine Learning expert salary in India varies location-wise and according to the experience level.

Salary Based on Experience:

The salary of an Indian Machine Learning engineer is also dependent on experience. Just like other jobs, the more qualified an individual is, the more money they can expect to receive.

Salary Based on Location:

Machine learning salary in India varies based on the location they are employed in - 

Machine learning is one of the key driving forces behind technological advancement, making Indian ML engineers valuable.

Top Ranking Machine Learning Jobs In India

Machine learning is a popular profession and engineers are hired by companies looking for professionals who can utilize and develop predictive models. The average salaries of top jobs where Machine Learning experts in India can be employed are -

Sl. no. Top Ranking AI Jobs Average Yearly Salary Offered

Deep Learning Engineer



Computer Vision Engineer



Machine Learning Engineer



Natural Language Processing(NLP) Engineer


With a growing number of industries relying more on machine learning, obtaining the role of a machine learning professional is surely an asset to one's resume. 

Top Machine Learning Recruiters in India

Among the largest recruiters, most employ ML programs in some form. Leaders in the fieldwork to develop and utilize cutting-edge ML to drive their processes. 

Here are some top recruiters that hire Machine Learning Experts -


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are very popular these days because of the rate at which artificial intelligence has evolved. You can shine very soon in these fields if you choose the right career path.

Select the courses that interest you and look for companies that give competitive remunerations. 

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Salary in India - Related FAQs

According to salary reports on Glassdoor, both AI and ML engineers get paid almost similarly. However, the salary range for ML engineers is slightly higher (up to Rs.14 LPA) as compared to AI engineers (up to Rs.13 LPA).

Yes, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are fields that are rapidly growing. That makes them a great career option in India, as well as the world.

Yes, freshers who have the required skills for an AI or ML job are often hired in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, etc. industries. However, with more experience, the scope and salary both will increase as in any field.

There are many top recruiters for both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engineers. Companies like Google, Meta, Accenture, TCS, and Deloitte are some examples.

Machine learning engineers have a rewarding profession, but are often stressed due to tight deadlines. Thus, you must choose the profession only if you love it.

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