Investment Banking Jobs and Salary in India

With its pay scale and bonuses, investment banking is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country, with an increase in demand.

Investment banking is a popular phrase among new hopefuls because of the high level of professionalism and excellent compensation packages available. The remuneration of an investment banker in India is a lot.

Investment banking has not only been consistent over time but has also demonstrated promising development.

With new organizations and institutions springing up on a daily basis, the need for expert assistance, guidance, and the processing of significant financial transactions is greater than ever, which explains the surge in demand for investment bankers in India and around the world.

What is the Role of an Investment Banker?

Let's start by answering the question, "What is investment banking?" Before we get into what an investment banker does, let's define investment banking.

Investment banking is a distinct branch of banking that focuses on raising capital for businesses, people, governments, and other organizations. They function as intermediaries between investors and corporations, providing underwriting and mergers and acquisitions advising services.

Investment bankers assist their clients in obtaining capital financing, and as financial consultants, they assist in the pricing of capital, resource allocation, and investment management.

Investment bankers, in general, aid and advise in large, complex transactions, making it easier for individuals and linked organizations to plan and execute significant projects, saving them time and money by identifying related risks and impediments in advance. 

What is an Investment Banker's Average Salary in India?

The average investment banker's salary is around INR 9.12 LPA. As a result, an investment banker's salary in India per month would be INR 76,000. It can, however, be increased with good knowledge and experience in the field.

The following factors influence the pay scale:

It has been statistically proven that investment bankers in India earn more than professionals working elsewhere. Mergers and Acquisitions, Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Investment Management, and Banking are among the high professional skills valued by top companies.

In terms of experience, a recent statistical report indicates that the salary of an Investment Banker with 10 to 19 years of experience in India can reach INR 30 LPA.

The salaries of investment bankers in India range from the lowest to the highest.

Roles in Investment Banking with salary

These professionals work as mergers, capital marketers, and sales employees, and their work is based on the financial needs and goals of their customers. They can work in the banking industry or as a private consultant for a company to manage their funds. Marketing and Communication Specialists, Business Analysts, Relationship Management, and Financial Research Analyst are additional job titles similar to those in the banking sector.

Investment bankers' job is to keep track of the goals set by their clients and then analyze the most relevant schemes and strategies to keep the money invested. Investment bankers are also responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the invested amount.

In a broad sector, these individuals are in charge of money transactions as well as statistically analyzing financial data and money earned through other investments.

 The following job titles are available in the Investment Banking sector:

Fresh graduates are given the title of financial analyst. The primary job role is to create a well-researched pitch book for client meetings that contains all of the idealistic concepts of investing the asset. Furthermore, their daily tasks include researching, analyzing, and presenting investment banking methodologies.

Financial Analysis, Financial Reporting, Excel, Accounting, and Data Analysis are the skills required for these professionals. These workers are paid an average of INR 5 LPA. However, with experience, the salary could increase to INR 6 LPA.

Analyst, Business

These analysts are similar to financial analysts, but they focus specifically on the business process. They analyze previously existing methods in the sector, implement profit-generating ideologies, and recommend ways to invest the asset based on the type of business.

Business Strategies, Project Management, Excel sheets, and SQL are the most sought-after core skills for Business Analysts.

Business Analysts can expect to earn an average of INR 6 LPA. Individual well-known companies provide up to INR 7 LPA.

Associate in Investment Banking

It is regarded as an advancement to the position of financial analyst. They are also responsible for analyzing investment strategies, just like the other analysts, and act as a liaison between junior analysts and senior banking officials. They may also be given the opportunity to manage the client portfolio and interact directly with the clients on occasion.

Financial Modeling, Risk Management, Financial Analysis, and Operations Management are the primary skills required.

The average annual salary for Investment Banking associates is INR 6.9 LPA, with a maximum salary of INR 10 LPA.

Finance Director and Finance Manager

Finance Managers and directors are the most visible job titles in the banking industry. They have a wide range of responsibilities in the industry; they manage client relationships and make investment decisions that are appropriate for the portfolio. They also look over strategies proposed by other analysts and associates.

Accounting, budgeting, advanced financial analysis, financial reporting, and overall management are the core skills that any Finance Manager should have. Strategic planning, finance management, financial reporting, budgeting, and accounting are the core competencies of the Finance Director.

A Finance Manager's average salary is around INR 10 LPA, and a Finance Director's average salary is around INR 36 LPA.

Investment banking invests a person's or a company's money in a specific asset or advises large corporations on where to put their money to make the most money.

So many banks act as dedicated investment venues, guiding their customers to make sound financial decisions. As a result, because they are well versed in the best financial practices, this financial sector has a higher value. 

Various Job Roles

The structure and hierarchy of Investment Banking, as well as the average salary, are shown in the table below.

Job Role Average Salary Offered

Investment Banking Analyst


Business Analyst


Investment Banking Associate


Finance Manager


Finance Director


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