eGram Swaraj Scheme

The government launched the e-Gram Swaraj Scheme to facilitate self-governance and rural development. 

This initiative aims to empower rural communities by improving access to government services and information via a digital platform.

What Is eGram Swaraj Portal?

eGramswaraj Portal is a simplified work-based accounting application for Panchayats. This portal helps them create, manage, maintain, and report on their economic activities.

It has been developed to strengthen digitization in Panchayats. Apart from this, the portal aims to bring better transparency and accountability in implementing schemes and programs at the grassroots level. 

What Are The Features Of eGram Swaraj?

Citizens can access any information regarding panchayats in the e-gram panchayat system without logging in. The portal provides the latest updates on

eGram Swaraj Scheme
  1. Panchayat profile

  2. Planning & Reporting

  3. Accounting

  4. Audit

  5. Progress reporting(physical & financial)

The features of the eGram Swaraj Portal are as follows.

How To Register On eGram Swaraj Portal?

The state agency has the power to approve or disapprove requests by Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) for login ID creation. The eGram portal registration process is described in detail below.

The chosen PRIs will enter the relevant data pertaining to the panchayat into the system. 

What Are The Advantages Of The e-Gram Swaraj Portal?

eGram Swaraj offers the following advantages:

eGram Swaraj Mobile Application

The mobile phone application, eGramSwaraj, is developed to address the key issue of transparency and access to information in India.

For example, citizens can now view information about their village Panchayats on their phones.

This experience will encourage greater participation in the governance process so that the public can engage with their local government.

e Gram Swaraj Related FAQs

In India, panchayats are local government units headed by sarpanches.

eGram Swaraj is free and any citizen interested in finding out more about their panchayats can use it.

A Digital Signature Certificate verifies your identity electronically. It also ensures the absolute privacy of the information exchanged using a Digital Signature Certificate, providing you with a high level of security for your online transactions.

Yes. You can access all the information on the website without an internet connection.


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