How to Check PF Status Online

Do you want to check your PF claim status? There are various ways to do it and this article will guide you through all of them.

What is PF?

Before we address the question ‘how to check PF claim status’, let us take a quick look at what exactly PF is.

PF is short for EPF or the Employee Provident Fund which is a fund created by making monthly contributions by both the employee and the employer. Every organization that employs more than 20 people needs to register for the EPF.

The employee and the employer contribute 12% and 3.67% of the employee’s base salary to the EPF fund, respectively. The remaining 8.33% of the 12% from the employer’s side goes to another fund called the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). You can read more about the EPS.

PF Status Check

You can withdraw funds from your EPF account either partially or in full, but that depends on how many years you have contributed, your age, and the purpose of withdrawal. Such requests or claims are referred to as your withdrawal claims and you can check it in various ways. 

If you are searching for PF status check, you can do so in the following ways -

How to Check PF Claim Status Through EPFO Portal

One way for you to conduct a PF status check online is through the EPFO portal. You can follow these steps in order to do so - 

STEP 1: Visit EPFO’s official website and go to the ‘Services’ section.

STEP 2: Choose the ‘For Employees’ option from the drop down menu.

STEP 3: Scroll down to the ‘Services’ section, and choose the ‘Know Your Claim Status’ option.

STEP 4: You will see a screen with the message ‘Click here to get redirected to passbook application’. Click on the button.

STEP 5: On the page that opens up, enter your UAN, password, captcha, and click on ‘Sign In’.

STEP 6: Once you are signed in, select your Member ID and click on ‘View Claim Status’. You will be able to view your claims on your screen. 

How to Check PF Withdrawal Status Through UAN Member Portal

If you are searching for ‘PF status check online’, another way is through the UAN member portal. Follow these steps to do so - 

STEP 1: Go to the EPFO Member portal and sign in using your UAN, password, and entering the captcha. 

STEP 2: You will see a page with your profile which will have your details. 

STEP 3: Click on ‘Online Services’ → ‘Track Claim Status’.

STEP 4: Your claim status will be visible on the screen.

How to Check PF Status Using the Umang App

The Umang app can help you complete your PF claim status check easily right from your smartphone. Follow these steps to track your PF claim status - 

STEP 1: Download the Umang app on your smartphone.

STEP 2: Search for ‘EPFO’ on the search bar and select it. 

STEP 3: A screen will open before you, which will have a list of all the employee centric services. 

STEP 4: Click on the ‘Log in’ button on the top right of the screen, enter your UAN and click on ‘Get OTP’.

STEP 5: Enter the OTP that you get on your registered number, and click on ‘Submit’.

STEP 6: Once you are logged in, select ‘Track Claim’ to see your claim on your screen.


You can apply for final settlement at the age of 55, when you retire or one year prior to that. Partial withdrawals are also allowed under some circumstances, such as marriages, higher education, or purchase of property. 

You can also apply for loans against your PF money from the bank where you have your account. It will depend on the amount that has accumulated in your EPF account, and can be availed only three times during the tenure. 

But, in case you are in need of urgent funds, you can rely on moneyview personal loans. You can check your eligibility and apply for collateral free loans from our website or by downloading our app. 

How to Check PF Status Online - Related FAQs

Yes, the EPF is mandatory for all organizations that employ more than 20 employees.

You can withdraw money after a minimum of 5 years of continuous contribution in your PF account. Exceptions can be made in some very special cases.

You will need your UAN to withdraw money from your PF account. The easiest way to find your UAN is to check your payslips from your employers. Alternatively, you can also get in touch with your organization’s Human Resources department.

Usually, it takes around 10-15 days for your claim to be accepted, and the funds to be credited in your bank account.

The service of checking your PF balance or tracking your PF claim status is free of cost, and can be availed any time.


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