How To Transfer PPF Account

PPF accounts can be opened at banks and post offices. These accounts are also transferable from one bank to another and from a post office to a bank based on the account holder’s convenience.

PPF Account Transfer Process

Here's how to transfer your PPF account from a post office to a bank, or from one bank to another:

Process To Transfer Within The Same Bank or Post Office

The process of transferring within the same bank or post office is quite simple. 

Important Points To Remember During PPF Account Transfer


PPF accounts are transferable between authorized banks and post offices. The PPF account will be regarded as a continuing account in this scenario. 

The process of moving your PPF account is very simple, but you must go personally to the bank where you currently have your PPF account and bring your PPF Account Passbook to request the transfer.

PPF Account Transfer Related FAQs

One cannot have two PPF accounts at the same time. However, a family is permitted to have more than one PPF account. A parent or guardian of the family is also permitted to open a PPF for any minor children they may have.

No. It is not possible to transfer your PPF to another individual. You can, however, nominate them.

Regardless of an individual’s earning capacity, he or she can open a PPF Account.

The transaction will be rejected since it is not possible to deposit more than 1.5 lakhs to your PPF account.


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