How to Calculate Interest on Savings Account

Savings bank accounts are great for saving money for the short term. Banks give interest on the money parked in savings bank accounts. 

But how is it calculated? Read to understand the concept before you go searching for an online savings account interest calculator.

How to Calculate Interest on Savings Account?

Banks calculate the interest amount based on their interest rate and the closing balance in your bank account each day. As you spend money from your account, the interest is calculated based on the new closing balance. 

At the end of the month, these are collated, and the amount you earned for a month is obtained. Here is the formula a savings account interest calculator uses - 

Interest = Closing balance x Rate of interest x (No. of days / 365)

How to Use the Saving Account Interest Rate Calculator Formula?

Using an example, let us try to understand the formula and calculation of the monthly interest amount. Let’s say Priya has a savings bank account and her bank gives her a 3% interest rate on funds. The following is Priya’s statement for a typical month -

Date Opening Balance Deposit Date Withdrawal Closing Balance
















As you can see, the closing balance keeps changing as Priya uses her bank account throughout the month. Banks use the closing balance of each day to calculate the total interest amount payable to a customer. 

According to this bank statement, Priya’s interest amount will be calculated in the following manner - 

From Day 1/09 to Day 6/09, the closing balance was Rs.1,40,000, and using the formula,

Interest = Rs.1,40,000 x (3 / 100) x (7 / 365) = Rs.1,40,000 x 0.03 x 0.02 = Rs.84

From Day 07/09 to Day 13/09, the closing balance was Rs.1,35,000, and using the formula,

Interest = Rs.1,35,000 x (3 / 100) x (7 / 365) = Rs.1,35,000 x 0.03 x 0.02 = Rs.81

From Day 14/09 to Day 30/09, the closing balance was Rs.1,65,000, and using the formula,

Interest = Rs.1,65,000 x (3 / 100) x (7 / 365) = Rs.1,35,000 x 0.03 x 0.02 = Rs.99

Thus, the total interest Priya earns over this month

= Rs.84 + Rs.81 + Rs.99 = Rs.264

Please note that even though banks calculate the interest based on the daily closing balance, they deposit the amount only on a quarterly or yearly basis.

TDS on Interest Earned on Savings Bank Account

Interest earned on funds in a savings bank account is considered ‘‘Income from Other Sources’’ and is taxable. However, TDS or Tax Deductible at Source is not applicable to savings accounts as per Section 194 A of the Income Tax Act. 

A deduction of taxes is not permitted if the interest earned is below Rs.10,000. But for this deduction, the account must be held at a renowned bank. Only if the interest amount surpasses Rs.10,000, it will be taxable according to the tax rate of the account holder. 

How Much Interest Do Banks Give on Savings Accounts?

Banks have slabs of interest based on how much money is kept in the bank account. As a general rule of thumb, you get a higher interest rate if you have more funds in your account. 

The following table lists the range of interest rates offered by the top banks in India -

Bank Interest Rate of Savings Bank Account

State Bank of India

2.70% - 3.00%

Union Bank of India

2.75% - 3.55%


3.00% - 3.50%



Axis Bank

3.00% - 3.50%

Bank of Baroda

2.75% - 3.35%

IDFC First Bank

3.50% - 4.00%

Bank of India

2.75% - 2.90%

Kotak Mahindra

3.50% - 4.00%

RBL Bank

4.25% - 6.75%

IndusInd Bank

3.50% - 6.00%

Note: These rates are subject to change at the discretion of the bank.


Banks now calculate interest on savings accounts based on the daily closing balance. However, before 2010, they used to calculate it based on the lowest balance held in your account between the 10th and the end of each month. 

The new method allows you to earn more interest as compared to the previous one. Even though interest is now calculated based on the daily closing balance, banks deposit it as a lump sum on a quarterly or yearly basis.

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How to Calculate Interest in a Savings Account Related FAQs

HDFC Bank calculates interest on savings accounts based on the closing balance of each day. The formula that is used is Interest = Closing balance x Rate of interest x (No. of days / 365). For example, if your closing balance was Rs.1,40,000 for 7 days, according to the formula, you will earn an interest of Rs.84.

The amount of interest you can earn on Rs.50,000 depends on the interest rate your bank offers and the time period you let the money stay in your account.

Most banks credit the interest amount on a monthly or quarterly basis.

To know the amount of interest your bank pays on savings bank accounts, visit your bank’s official website, and then go to the ‘Interest Rates’ section. You will find the savings bank account interest rates listed there.


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