Credit Line Cards Vs. Credit Cards

credit line cards vs credit cards

There are a plethora of credit cards in the market today but what if there is something better?

What if there is a credit product that combines the best features of cards and loans, is easy to get, and more importantly light on your pocket?

We, at Money View, have made this seemingly impossible task a reality thanks to our very own credit line card.

The Money View Advantage Card

The Money View Advantage Card offers credit of up to Rs. 2 lakh along with a multitude of other benefits and features.
Not only do you get to enjoy the benefits offered by credit cards such as ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’, paying bills, and an interest-free period, our credit line product is much more affordable as well as accessible.

But how exactly does the Money View Advantage Card differ from regular credit cards? Are our cards really as ‘advantageous’ as the name suggests?

Read on to know.

Credit Card vs. Credit Line Card – At a Glance

credit card vs credit line card

How is the Advantage Card more Beneficial than Credit Cards?

The ideal credit product would be one that has low interest rates, high credit limit, and a lengthy interest-free period. While such benefits may not be completely possible, the Advantage Card comes close.

One of the biggest disadvantages of regular bank credit cards is the high rate of interest. While one can take advantage of the interest-free period, most don’t and end up paying just the minimum balance due leading to expensive repayments later.

But with the Advantage credit line card, not only do you get an interest-free period of up to 40 days, the interest rate is also much lower.

What’s more? There is absolutely no joining or annual fee.

Another unique benefit offered is that you can use the card through the Money View Loans app as soon as the application is approved. You do not have to wait for the physical card to be delivered. This is unlike the case of credit cards where the physical card is necessary for usage.

Let us now discuss the accessibility aspect of credit cards. 

Most credit cards are only provided by banks to customers who have high credit scores and a high paying job. However, we believe that financial services should be accessible to all.

This is where our unique credit rating model makes all the difference. Not only is our card more accessible, you can also enjoy a credit limit of up to Rs. 2 lakh.

The Money View Advantage card can be used both online and offline for shopping and repaying your bills through affordable EMIs.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our next section to find out how to apply.

how to apply for the Money View Advantage Card

How to Apply for the Money View Advantage Card

Follow the steps below to get your own Advantage Card –

  • Click on this link to apply
  • Fulfill the required eligibility criteria
  • Submit the necessary documents online
  • Congrats! You are now the proud owner of the Money View Advantage Card! You can start using the card right away through the Money View Loans app.

In Conclusion

The Money View Advantage card is set to revolutionize the credit card industry due to its unique features. Not only is it easier to avail compared to regular credit cards, it is also much more affordable. You can also use the Advantage card to build up your credit score quite easily while also enjoying its myriad benefits.

So what are you waiting for? Click on this link and apply now!