How an Instant Loan Disbursement made Satyam Kumar a Loyal Customer

As a company that strives to provide the best to its customers every single day, hearing positive feedback from those that enjoyed availing Money View loans is what keeps us going. 

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to a customer from Madhya Pradesh. Read on to see what Satyam Kumar Sarathe has to say about Money View personal loans.

Tell us something about yourself.

I am Satyam Kumar Sarathe, a branch manager working for one of the most reputed financial firms in the country. I currently reside in Madhya Pradesh.

What kind of loan did you apply for from Money View?

I had applied for a personal loan from Money View. My main purpose was to repay other loans and needed funds quite urgently.

Why did you apply for a loan from Money View and not other financial institutions or banks?

My priority was to avail a loan at the earliest as I needed funds urgently and Money View really came through. Most other institutions either did not offer as much loan amount or the time taken for disbursal was very long. I did not have to worry about running from one bank to another or submitting multiple documents. The best part is that the entire process was digital which was another factor that really appealed to me. 

How did you get to know about Money View loans?

I was browsing through Facebook when I saw an ad for the Money View app. I downloaded the same and after I checked for my eligibility and uploaded the documents, the loan was processed and disbursed quickly.

What do you think of the Money View app and the entire process of loan application?

The first thing I noticed was how easy the app was to use and navigate. All processes were easy to understand.

Uploading my documents was also very quickly done and I received the loan amount within 24 hours. When the priority is receiving a loan at the earliest, the simpler the process the better. Money View Loans app ensures that customers can very easily avail a loan.

Do you have any advice to give to others who may be looking for an online personal loan?

Ensure that you avail a loan amount that can be repaid by you and if you are looking to foreclose the loan, make sure that you are aware of all the terms, conditions, and processes involved before applying for the same.

What other features of Money View did you appreciate?

Getting a loan from Money View is simple as the entire process is digital and is also very convenient.

Additionally, the processing time is much quicker than other banks or institutions and is therefore advantageous for those who need a loan urgently. 

Another advantage of Money View loans is that the interest rate is very competitive. Generally personal loans come with a higher interest rate but with Money View it was a lot more reasonable which made it easy for me to repay my loan as well.

Final Thoughts

Because of his experience, Satyam Kumar Sarathe said that he will refer Money View Loans app to whoever is looking to avail a personal loan.

We are very thankful to Satyam Kumar Sarathe for sharing his valuable feedback and experience with us. Team Money View wishes him the very best.