How to Save Money on Your Internet Bills

How to save money internet bills

Internet has changed the way the world operates. Lifestyle has changed and so has the way people shop. Bragging about an expensive purchase has been replaced by grabbing a good deal. ‘I got it on 40%! off’ sounds more thrilling. Doesn’t it? Today, we are sharing tricks to save money on your internet bill too. Here are a few clever ways to do that –

Buy the Bundle Pack

If you use internet, phone and TV at home, go for a bundle pack. Buy all these services from a single company. It saves money and you get – high-speed internet, 100s of TV channels with recording and free calling minutes at a good price.

Monitor Data Usage and Buy Accordingly

There is no point in paying for services you don’t use. If your internet usage is less, scale down your plan. Do the same when you are out for more than a month or go for a vacation. It only takes a call to change the plan. One phone call can save hundred of rupees. Also, check your internet bill for over-usage and adjust it accordingly.

Compare Plans and Services in your Area

Don’t go by the general brand image. Some providers have excellent services in one area and bad in others. It’s a possibility that a new company is providing good services at a lesser price in your area. Ask your neighbors about their experience and then take the connection.

Use Free Wi-Fi Wherever Available

When outside, make use of free wi-fi. Libraries, cafes, superstores, malls, and hotels provide complimentary wi-fi services. Turn off the data plan on your mobile and connect to free wi-fi. A quick tip – register and save the networks of the places you visit often. You don’t have to sign-in every time you go there. Also, enable automatic sign-in for known networks.

Go Mobile

In case you use the internet on your mobile or tablet, ditch broadband and take a mobile internet plan. It’s cheaper and faster. Mobile versions of websites and apps take less bandwidth and hence, consume less data. In the cost of the basic broadband plan, you can get a 4G plan for your mobile devices.

Buy Hardware, Instead of Renting it

When you take a new connection, ask two questions –

  • Are modem and router free?
  • And if yes, whether there will be any administrative cost of these devices in the monthly bill?

In case, answer to either of these questions is ‘no,’ it’s better to buy modem and router. It saves money and you can sell and upgrade them as need be, without bearing heavy monthly costs.

Don’t Shy Away from Switching Providers

Consumer is the king. Use this power – switch to a company that is offering value for money. Generally, new entrants in the markets offer quality service at reasonable rates to win customers. Make use of such opportunities. Word of caution – read their review first.

Negotiate with your Provider

Last clever trick, call your internet company and ask for a new offer you’ve heard. Try to negotiate. Sometimes they extend new offers to existing customers to retain the client base. If that doesn’t work, show them the intent to move to their competitors.

Do you have any more tricks up your sleeve? Please share in comments below.

A Company Secretary by profession, Saru found her true calling in writing. She blogs at which she religiously updates every Monday for the last four years.

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