My Money View Story: How Vijay Found out that Customer is King

Money View Story: Customer is King

Vijay S G is one of Money View’s unabashed admirers and users. He has been tracking his finance through Money View for a year now. Based in Chennai, Vijay is a techie. He got married a few years back and lives with his parents and wife in Chennai.

He has been very disciplined when it comes to tracking his spends. A man very much with the times, Vijay, owns a smartphone and uses it smartly to makes his chores easier. He shops online, uses Apps to simplify his life and that is how he chanced upon Money View. Earlier he used the notepad feature on his smartphone to manually enter his daily expenses. A tedious process that he kept up with for the lack of a better alternative. Money View completely changed that for him.

Money View helps him:

  1. Minimize his efforts of inputting financial data as it automatically picks up data from his SMSes
  2. Track his finances and present category-wise spends to help him plan his expenses better
  3. Save money as he is more conscious of how and where he is spending his money
  4. Get useful weekly, monthly and annual financial spend picture categorywise
  5. Get timely reminders to pay his bills and also lets him pay them from within the App
  6. Make his life easier and more disciplined

Customer is King

Vijay recently went through the harrowing experience of losing his mobile phone. Not only had he lost all his contacts and other data stored on his phone, he came very close to losing Money View from his life. When he got a new smartphone and tried to log into his Money View account, he discovered that he was not able to access his data, all one year of it. He felt despondent as he had not taken any backups. He then tried downloading some other Apps that he felt were similar to Money View but he was thoroughly dissatisfied with them. As a last resort, he reached out to Money View Customer Support, not feeling very hopeful. To his delight, the team responded swiftly, addressing his issue and helping him reinstate all data and his profile on his new smartphone.

Vijay was elated. He could not believe that a free App cares so much for its customers when so many paid services often leave their customers in a lurch. So enthused is Vijay with the whole experience that he has recommended Money View to many of his friends and colleagues.

After all he has experienced first hand with Money View that Customer is King!

A truly heartwarming experience of a Money View User.

If you want to join Vijay and 3 million other users to track your money smartly and to save and grow your money, download Money View App.

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