My Money View Story: How I started spending wiser and saving smarter

spending wise and saving smarter

The city of Bangalore is a place many working professionals from across India and the world call home now. Blessed with a salubrious climate, a cosmopolitan outlook and an unbridled energy for innovation, Bangalore really does attract the brightest and the best. In this melting pot of people landed Suraj who moved from his hometown in Orissa to Bangalore for a job in a high-profile MNC. Suraj is single and lives with friends. Weekends are his favorites as he gets to let his hair down. He truly believes in the mantra – “Work hard and Party harder.” As he reflects over his time spent in the city, he muses that he has grown tremendously both personally and professionally.

Suraj loves Bangalore which he feels is a perfect city for youngsters. He says, “Bangalore is a good place to be in. The work place is great; friends are fun, lots of cool hangouts and wonderful weather.” However, he mentions that the rush of earning one’s own salary can sometimes lead to expenses going completely out of hand. He realized that he needed to keep in control of his finances. Tired of writing down his expenses and income, he switched to Money View App on his mobile.

He has been using the App right from its inception and has seen and experienced every feature that the App has added. Suraj says, “I have been using Money View since the very beginning – before it was launched on the Play Store. You could even call me a Beta user. I have seen the App grow from a basic aggregator to a Personal Finance Manager.”

It is not as if Suraj hasn’t tried other Apps but he believes that Money View stands out because it works harder to make money management easier for its users. Suraj says, “I have seen many expense tracking apps. However I liked Money View the best because they have new releases every month based on customer feedback. These guys are really listening to the user and trying to predict their finance management needs. Each release helps them address a specific but perhaps latent need of the user”.

Suraj uses the App to remain within the budget, scan bills for reimbursement, split bills while hanging out with friends and even pay bills online. He loves the fact that he can accomplish so much using a single Personal Finance App!

“Thank God for Money View”, says Suraj, “else I’d be wasting a lot of my time writing down my expenses on paper or fiddling with Excel”.  Having the comforting presence of Money View in his life saves Suraj time, effort and money.

After all, there is so much peace of mind to stay in control of your finances.

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