My Money View Story – How Shweta Simplified Her Life and Finances

My Money View Story – How Shweta Simplified her Life and Finances

Today we share the story of Shweta, an entrepreneur, who resides in the city of Bangalore. Just like many denizens of Bangalore, she loves the city’s weather and now considers the city home.

Life, work and finances

Shweta runs a creative agency with a young team buzzing with ideas. She loves her work which gives her immense creative satisfaction.

As far as managing money is concerned, she considers herself good at managing money.

“I don’t have extreme scenarios with money usually.”

Recently, she started using the Money View App to manage her finances.

Tryst with Money View

Shweta came across the Money View App when it was recommended to her by a friend. This friend had been using the App and had found it very useful. She tried it out because it was a free App. She loved that the App was so easy to user. Once she started using it, she liked it instantly. Now, she uses it regularly.

Approach to Financial Management

Shweta though was conscious of her finances earlier, with Money View App she is more tuned into them. With the useful trends that she gets through Money View, she is more aware of how much she spends and where. It took her a couple of months to get into the cycle. But now, financial management is very smooth now. In fact, she now uses her credit cards more so that her expenses can directly get documented in the Money View App and that way she can avoid manual entry of cash transactions.

“I didn’t know how much I was spending on basic things like food, partying and pets – which are the three main expense heads for me.”

Now, she is at peace and feels more in control of her finances. She loves that everything is automated and manual entries are minimal with Money View App. Even though she does not use the App daily, she knows that the numbers are quietly being updated for her use as and when she desires.

She would definitely recommend Money View. After all, one has to just download it and relax. The App does all the work for you and lets you keep tabs on your spends


Shweta is not much of an investment person. She just leaves her money in her bank account. But with the new Green Account feature in the Money View App, she is tempted to try out investing. She has already started the process on the App.

It is always lovely to find a satisfied Money View user and we loved having Shweta over today. Wouldn’t you wish to simplify life and finances as well?

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