This September, Celebrate the Unrecognized Teachers

Every little stone that you see lying on the road or on the mountainside may be a little page in nature’s book and may be able to tell you something if you only knew how to read it.

– Jawaharlal Nehru

Recognize the unconventional teachers

Lessons can be learnt from anyone and anywhere, even from something as unassuming as a stone. This teacher’s day, let us celebrate the unrecognized guides who made our lives a little easier. 


We don’t choose our families, but we have some control over who we let into our lives as friends and confidantes. 

Our school friends got us through school, and our college friends taught us to have fun while maintaining our grades. And if you are a working professional, you must know how important your work friends are! They can lighten up mundane days at the office, and help you deal with work stress. 

Maybe you can take a moment to thank them this teacher’s day. Surprise your work friends with a personalized coffee mug or an assorted tea pack if they are a tea-person.


The most part of your life, you spend with your partner and they add to your life in some way or the other. In most cases, you share hobbies and interests or might have taught each other various life skills over the years.

If your partner is into sports and likes being fit, they might have taught you the value of exercise. You can thank them with a pair of running shoes, or a fitness tracker.

In case your partner loves to relax and you learned the value of relaxing from them, they will appreciate this recliner. As you probably share the same house with them, knowing what they need will be an easy task for you.

If you cannot figure it out, you can just ask them, or surprise them with a fancy dinner at their favorite restaurant.


The role of parents in our lives is unparalleled. Right from walking, and reading, to being a good human, is all taught to us by our parents. Maybe this year, you can show your gratitude by gifting them something they have coveted for a long time.

This rocking chair can be a great gift for your parents, as can be a smart TV. You can reverse the roles by getting them the latest smartphone, and teaching them how to use it. It will help them stay in touch with friends and family, especially if they are retired and live alone.


Sometimes we are closer to our aunt, uncle, or a distant cousin, than to our immediate family. They have been the friends we needed in boring family gatherings. They must have given you valuable life advice, especially if they are older than you.

Gifting options for them can be based on their age and interests. You can gift a knife set to someone who creates magic in the kitchen, or a gardening set to someone who has a green thumb.


People often blame their managers and team leads for making their lives difficult. But we miss out on the good ones we worked with, who taught us so much about our profession and helped us reach where we are. 

They hand-held us through difficult projects and showed us the best ways to deal with timelines. Work would have been unmanageable without those leaders who touched your life.

Why not take this teacher’s day to tell them about their contribution to your success? You can make their day by gifting them a fountain pen or a planner to manage their busy schedule.


Often we are so focused on others in our lives, that we forget to take note of ourselves. At the end of the day, when we were at our lowest, we taught ourselves to get up and walk again. Even if we sought help, it involved the biggest step of teaching ourselves that seeking help was okay.

We taught ourselves to live alone, cook, or just take care of ourselves. These are major accomplishments too. And you should appreciate yourself since you are your biggest teacher.

As for gifting options, you know what you like, and you can splurge on the dress you want to buy or a relaxing day at a spa. You might have dreamt of taking a solo trip, or it might be as small as getting a more relaxing chair for yourself!

In Conclusion

Teaching is not limited to the classroom, and neither are teachers. At various crossroads of our lives, someone teaches us valuable lessons. It could be people, situations, movies, or books. 

This teacher’s day, you can look at your life with a fresh perspective and recognize the unsung teachers. It will make their day, and you will also learn to practice gratitude and gratefulness.

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