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Are you seeking a marksheet loan or a certificate loan to fulfill your dreams of higher education? 

This article will tell you all how to get a marksheet loan and what to expect while applying for it.

What is a Marksheet Loan?

Often meritorious students face difficulty in pursuing higher education due to financial constraints. Thus, under the jurisdiction of the Reserve Bank of India and the Indian government, most banks and lending institutions give marksheet loans

They are also referred to as student loans, and they ensure that no deserving candidate discontinues their educational journey due to a limitation of funds.

Marksheet loans also require other documentation as the degree certificate cannot act as the sole document for the approval of a loan.

Eligibility Criteria for Marksheet Loan

To be eligible for a certificate loan, the following criteria should be met - 

Interest Rates of Banks Offering 10th Marksheet Loans and 12th Marksheet Loans

Most banks in India offer education of student loans as marksheet loans or degree certificate loans. Here is a list of the top banks and the interest rates they charge for certificate loans -

Sl. No.

Bank Name

Interest Rate


State Bank of India (SBI)

8.20% - 11.75%


Union Bank of India (UBI)

9.30% - 12.55%


Central Bank of India

8.10% - 11.50%


Bank of Baroda 

9.15% - 12.50%


Indian Overseas Bank (IOB)

9.75% - 12.55%


Bank of India

10.95% - 11.75%



Starting at 9.50%



Starting at 9.85%


Axis Bank

13.70% - 15.20%


Canara Bank

8.60% - 11.35%

How to Get Loan on Marksheet?

The process of getting a marksheet loan is similar to getting any other loan. Here are the steps involved - 

STEP-1: Compare the options available after going through the interest rates and requirements of various banks, and choose the one that suits your needs.

STEP-2: Open the website of the bank or visit the nearest bank branch with your documents.

STEP-3: If applying online, go to theLoans’ section, and click on Education Loans’. Choose the specific loan product according to your need and start filling out the application form.

STEP-4: You will need to upload your documents online in this case, and you will hear from the bank authorities within a day or two.

STEP-5: In case you are applying through the offline process, request a student loan application form from the bank.

STEP-6: Fill in the form and submit it to the bank authorities along with the photocopies of the required documents. The bank will get in touch with you after verifying your documents. 

Documents Required for Certificate Loan

Most banks have similar requirements when it comes to documentation for degree certificate loans. The most important documents required to apply for a student loan are - 

Courses Covered by Marksheet Loans

You can opt for a student loan for any course or degree, both domestic and international. Getting your loan approved is easier if you have gotten admission into a prestigious university or course.

Another factor that plays in your favor is if you or your guarantor has a good credit history or some collateral to pledge. Here are some courses for which people often opt for student loans - 

Normally, such loans cover the total funds required for a course including tuition fees, gadgets required, cost of books and other equipment, hostel or accommodation charges, etc.

Instant Personal Loan from moneyview as Marksheet Loan

In case applying for a 10th marksheet loan or a 12th marksheet loan from any lending institution is getting difficult for you, or the process is taking too long, you can always consider moneyview personal loans. 

As the funds from a personal loan can be used for a variety of purposes, you can use it to fund your education. Here are some of the important features of a moneyview personal loan - 

The eligibility criteria for a moneyview personal loan are -

You can also check your eligibility within 2 minutes by visiting the moneyview website.


Thanks to degree certificate loans and marksheet loans, as a meritorious student, you don’t have to stop your educational journey due to a lack of funds. Almost all banks and lending institutions give student loans at affordable interest rates.

But in case you are unable to procure a student loan, you can always opt for a moneyview instant personal loan to fund your education. Even if you are a working professional and want to continue your education or want to take any courses to help you in your field, you can easily take a personal loan from moneyview.

To know more, please visit our website or download the moneyview app.

Marksheet Loan - Related FAQs

The main documents required for any type of loan are identity, address, and income proof. Banks may ask for more documents based on the type of loan you are availing.

Marksheets are used to prove that you have successfully completed a course. They also have details like the start and end date of the course, the marks secured by the candidate, and the university. Apart from this, marksheets can also be used to procure student loans from banks.

Most education or study loans come with a moratorium period that lasts the duration of the course. Once you complete the course, you can start paying the loan through EMIs.

The amount of funds you can get as a study loan depends on many factors such as the course applied for, the university, previous academic record, course fee, credit score of the applicant or guarantor, etc.

A 17 year old student cannot directly apply for a student loan under their own name. However, a guardian, friend, or any other relative can apply for an education loan on behalf of them.

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