Best Car Under 5 Lakhs in India - 2024

Thinking of buying a four wheeler under 5 Lakh? There are a lot of options for cars in that price range. Read ahead to choose the one that fits your needs.

List of Four Wheeler Under 5 Lakh in India [Updated]

If you have a small family, getting a small car is a great idea. That way you can save money while purchasing it and also on maintenance and repairs.

Here is a list of the top seven cars under 5 Lakhs

Sl. No.


Approx. Price

1 Maruti Alto K10 Rs.3,99,000
2 Maruti Alto 800 Rs.3,54,000
3 Renault KWID Rs.4,69,500 onwards
4 Bajaj Qute (RE60) Rs.3,61,000
5 Strom Motors R3 Rs.4,50,000
6 PMV EaS E Rs.4,79,000
7 Maruti S-Presso Std Rs. 4,27,000
Source: Cardekho

Cars Between Rs 3 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakh in India

You have a wide range of cars, including some electric cars, to choose from in this price range. Please note that the prices are mentioned according to showroom prices in New Delhi, and might slightly vary in your city.

Let us look at each of these cars under 5 Lakhs and their specifications - 

1. Maruti Alto K10

Maruti Alto K10 2023 (Best Car Under 5 lakhs in India)
This is one of the cars under 5 lakhs in India which is a 5 seater. It will be a perfect companion for a small or medium family. It's a petrol-run vehicle and has a decent tank capacity of 27l, ideal for your family's long drives. 

Some other major specifications of the Maruti Alto K10 are -

2. Maruti Alto 800

Maruti Alto 800 (Best Car Under 5 lakhs in India)
From the price point, the Maruti Alto 800 is the best car under 5 Lakhs in India. It is a 5-seater and has a bigger fuel tank capacity of 35l. If you like taking trips with your friends and family in your car, this would be a good choice for you.

The most important specifications of this model are listed below -

3. Renault KWID

Renault KWID (Best Car Under 5 lakhs in India)
The Renault KWID is one of the higher-range cars in this budget, but it can still be considered if you are looking for a four wheeler under 5 Lakh. Its specifications are very similar to the Maruti Alto K10. 

It’s a 5-seater vehicle with a fuel tank capacity of 28l making it a good choice for intercity road trips. Other major specifications of this car are -

4. Bajaj Qute (RE60)

Bajaj Qute (RE60) (Best Car Under 5 lakhs in India)
The Bajaj Qute (RE60) is a compact 4-seater vehicle perfect for daily commuting. It runs on petrol and has a small fuel tank capacity of just 8l. So, if you need a car for intracity travels, this is a small car in India under 5 Lakhs that has good mileage.

Here are the other important facts about the Bajaj Qute (RE60) - 

5. Strom Motors R3

Strom Motors R3 (Best Car Under 5 lakhs in India)
This is an electric vehicle which can be your new car under 5 Lakh. It will be perfect if you want to buy it for your personal use within the city, as it is just a 2 seater. This might also be the perfect choice if you like taking solo trips in your four wheeler. 

Out of the two electric vehicles on this list, this is the better option from the price point.

Let’s take a look at the specifications of this electric car - 

6. PMV EaS-E

PMV EaS-E (Best Car Under 5 lakhs in India)
The PMV EaS-E is the only other electric vehicle if you want a four wheeler under 5 Lakh. It is also a 2 seater vehicle perfect for your daily intracity commutes. But if you have a big family, this might not be the perfect choice.

Some major characteristics of this vehicle are - 

7. Maruti S-Presso Std

Maruti S-Presso Std (Best Car Under 5 lakhs in India)
The Maruti S-Presso Std is the third vehicle from Maruti Suzuki if you want a new car under 5 Lakhs in India. It is a 5 seater vehicle which is a perfect choice for you in case you have a medium-sized family. 

The fuel tank capacity is 27l making it great for short road trips with your family and friends. Other specifications of this vehicle are -

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There are many cars to choose from if you are looking for a four wheeler under 5 Lakh in India. Two of these are electric vehicles which are environment friendly and good for regular commutes inside the city.

Others are all 4 or 5 seater petrol run cars which are a great choice for small and medium-sized families. You can go through the specifications and opt for test drives before you choose your four-wheeled road companion.

Getting a loan for a new car under 5 Lakh is easy from any bank, as most banks have vehicle loans. But if you are hesitant about taking a vehicle loan or cannot get a loan from a bank, you can opt for an instant personal loan from moneyview to buy a car.

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Cars Below 5 Lakhs - Related FAQs

Right now, the Bajaj Qute is the cheapest model of car in India at just Rs.3,61,000.

Secondhand cars will obviously be more affordable than new cars. It is, however, easier to get a loan for a new vehicle. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose if you should buy a secondhand or a new car, as both are viable options.

The end of the year, from October to December, is a good time to purchase a new car. Most of the car showrooms have good offers around this time as they want to clear the old stocks.

Cars are cheaper in cities that have lower road taxes. Thus, cities in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Gujarat have the lowest prices of cars.

You can easily buy a car on EMI if you have a 30K salary. All cars under Rs.5 Lakh would be good options for you.

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