Recap of #MoneyViewChat – Find ATM with Cash feature

It has been a month since demonetization and the quest for cash at an ATM continues. With salary day descending last week, many banks and ATMs had “No cash” boards almost immediately. It was quite chaotic. We decided to rope in our community to understand how they finding ATM with cash.

While some stayed away from visiting ATMs/Banks and waiting it out longer, some others had to queue up to withdraw cash. The waiting time in queues was different for different people. Some felt the process was smooth even though there was waiting while others felt it was chaotic and the bank employees were not helping out either. Some lucky ones had no trouble in withdrawing money.

Overall, the situation is still very fluid changing from place to place.

The problems at the banks/ATMs were of long queues. Almost everyone encountered them. There was also the case of cash running out or no cash in their closest branch. Then there was the trouble of cash withdrawal restrictions. Some others complained of no proper management of queue and bank officials not helping out either. Yes, it was troublesome at the banks/ATMs.

We got some fun answers for this question. Some people spent time chatting up with strangers in the queue while others listened to music to while away time in the queues. People stocked up on snacks and water to help themselves. And there were those who were very smart. They used Find ATM with cash feature on Money View App to find out an ATM with cash before heading out.

Many people underwent a lot of trouble to locate an ATM with cash. A few lucky ones managed to find one easily. It perhaps was the location that made the difference.

only if it was available on iOS 🙁 But i have heard good stuff about it! #MoneyViewChat #FindCashWithMV

— Minna pauly (@Minnz89) December 1, 2016

Not too many had tried out Money View’s new feature to Find ATM with Cash.

One thing is for sure that these queues are going to stay for some time to come. Your best bet would be to use Money View’s intuitive Find ATM with cash feature and save yourselves the hassle of standing in long queues.

With this we round up yet another edition of #MoneyViewChat. Do join us every Thursday at 7 pm for an exciting session on Finance at @MyMoneyView.

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