Handy Tips For Wedding Planning #MoneyViewChat

This being the wedding season in India, we decided to ask our community about their suggestions in planning a wedding. This was a fun conversation with lots of banter and anecdotes shared. Here are some snapshots from the chat on #WeddingPlanning on #MoneyViewChat.

Weddings have not left anyone in our country untouched. If it is not our own wedding, most of us have helped plan the weddings of their family members.

Yes, there are a number of wasteful spends when it comes to weddings. Some people splurge excessively on food, while others do on over-the-top décor, some spend way too much on wedding dress, jewellery, buying clothes and gifts for relatives while others splurge on too many functions/parties.

Indian weddings definitely require both long term and short term planning. Since the event is generally grand in scale, hence saving for it must begin many years ahead.

Some handy tips suggested by our community to save while planning a wedding were to save money by eliciting the help of relatives/friends for wedding planning, photography, catering etc. Research well and try more options before buying what you need. Avoid unnecessary expenses and focus on having a close, intimate affair.

Some things that our community felt that they would not do while planning a wedding were things like overspending on things like jewellery and heavy clothes. They would avoid ordering more food, enjoy the wedding more for themselves instead of spending heavily for snob value.

This was quite an informative and fun discussion. Also shows that many from our community are looking at cutting down expenses while planning a wedding. Hope you enjoyed this recap. Don’t forget to join us @MyMoneyView every Thursday at 7 pm for some more fun and information filled discussions.