Best Computer Courses in India

Computers have become an inevitable part of our professional lives. In such an era, there are many high-paying jobs that can be bagged with the right courses. You don’t necessarily need college degrees to get these jobs either. 

There are various courses in Software Engineering, App Development, Data Science, etc. offered both online and offline. If you want to secure a lucrative job in this field, here are some of the best computer courses to get a job in India and worldwide

Below are some of the best computer courses for job in India and all over the world:

1. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

Learning the course of Bachelor’s of technology from IT or CS stream is the most liable and guaranteed course to be an engineer and enjoy a handsome salary in future. The number of enrolments in the past few years in this course have increased on a larger scale and there is a lot of scope in future for any Btech Engineer. There are many institutions and universities which offer this course and after the completion of the course many students get the job easily in many companies.

2. Cybersecurity

When anyone is working online, whether it's financial or data related or some confidential work. Cybersecurity becomes the most important thing to keep a check on.

Working on the internet is not safe nowadays especially when we are using online payment options, there are many chances to face a fraud or to get cheated by someone.

This makes cybersecurity a must and increases its demand as well. An individual can learn the course online which is more reasonable and he/she can learn from the comfort of home. The person who has done the course of cybersecurity can start his own cybersecurity center and help others to get safe from cyber crimes, or the one can apply for a government as well as private job in a cyber security branch or company.

3. Data Science

Data Scientists are large data gatherers and analysts who watch and analyse big forms of structured or unstructured data. A data scientist's role consists of analysing, managing, and watching the data by using his technological skills. He/she converts complex data into a meaningful and usable format, which is not an easy job.

4. Data Analysis

Data Analyst has a similar job and demand like data Scientist, this job is also a good option and this course can too be learned online. The job offers a good amount of money and opportunities nowadays in the time of pandemic and work from home.

5. Network Engineering

Network engineers play an important role in the backbone of computer and technology systems. He is the creator, designer for any computer network system and he also improvises, handle their mishandlings.

There are several network engineers working in a company, every company needs a network engineer and there’s a good demand in this profession. Network Engineering is a good course to go to and offers a good amount of money after completion which makes it the best computer courses for a job in India.

6. Web Developing

A web developer is a person who creates, designs, and functions a website. Every company, organisation, agency, business needs a good website to expand the business growth and handle their online actions. Need of the web developer makes it a good profession which is in great demand, it offers a good amount of salary too.

A web development course is a small course which can easily be learned online or offline from any institute but gives good returns. A job of Web developer can easily be done from the comfort of home and he/she can apply in any tech company or organisation or he can also work as a freelancer.

Developing an app requires time and effort and these time and effort are paid well by any customer or client which makes one of the best online/offline computer courses for a job.

7. App Developing

An App developer is a person who creates, designs and functions any application on the internet. He is responsible for all the complications whether it's android, pc, iOS, Mac, etc. Along with websites many organisations also launch their apps, for which they need an app developer.

App development has many types such as: iOS developer, Android developer, Windows Developer, etc. Every field is important and demanding in its own way making the profession more demanding and common these days. App development courses can be learnt anywhere, but it requires an advanced knowledge of computers and expertization in any computer language such as Python, C++, etc.

8. Software Engineering

Software engineers are creditable for creation of computer software and application software. These individuals watch and do analysis of the customer’s needs related to the software and make a software that matches all those needs. The profession of Software Engineer is in trend and demands are increasing day by day.

Many new technologies like cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, Dev, OPS, etc. are day by day increasing the competition in the profession of Software Engineering and its related specialized fields. There is a huge requirement for expert and skilled Software Engineers mastered in these fields. Resulting in increase of jobs, increase in salary and increase in demand from future perspective too.

The Software Engineering course is a major course and requires just a common knowledge of computers. It is a specialized course which makes it a good choice for the students aspiring for their future in the field of technology and computers. It's expected that the demand for this job can be increased by 21% in future. High demand also offers high salary and high employment ratio in every technological field. A job of software engineer is a good 9-5 job and every company provides good perks and allowances to their software engineers.

Related Topics

Some more job oriented computer courses which are small but the are essential and offers a good amount salary:
  1. MS Office
  2. Programming Languages
  3. Multimedia and Animation
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. SEO (Digital Marketing)
  6. Typing Course

1. MS Office

This is a small course of 5-6 months duration in which students are taught the basics and advancements of MS Office and its uses in the field of technology MS Office is an important software nowadays, every person related to the computer or technological field must have learned this course.

MS Office has further softwares like: MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Access, MS Outlook. The individuals who hold the degree of MS Office are much more liable in any job related to technology than any other candidate. This degree enhances the job profile and helps to get a job faster and easier.

2. Programming Languages

Programming languages are computer languages like Python, C++, JAVA, MySQL, Mongodb etc. These languages form the basic structure of any machine or computer and are essentially required for doing or learning any major computer course. Learning a programming language takes a time of 8-9 months and anybody can learn it online.

A person holding a degree in any programming language can never be unemployed or never faces any shortage of job offers and opportunities. He/she can apply for any job or further advance course in computer systems and it makes it easier to learn any advanced degree in computer systems. Only a basic knowledge of computers is enough for learning any programming language.

Professions like Software Engineering, Web developer, App developer, etc. Requires knowledge of any specific programming language.

3. Multimedia and Animation

This is also a short term course of 6-8 months, but this course is in good demand nowadays and every creator or developer should know the basics of multimedia and animation. This course includes basics of Animation, Film Design 7 animation, Game design & animation, VFX, VFX pro, video editing, picture editing, etc. Students can get enrollment as a VFX Professional, Visual Effects Artist, Film Animation professional, Art & Creative director, Instructor etc. The candidates can also go for freelancing after the completion of the course.

4. Digital Marketing

After learning this short duration course of Digital Marketing, the candidates can go for big fields like Brand Management, Affiliate Marketing etc. This course’s demand is slowly increasing nowadays in work from home and online education. When every individual was working online as work from home, the jobs related to Digital Marketing have seen a big growth and many platforms like Bizgurukal offer the courses for a small amount and time.

Anyone can easily start their income by Digital Marketing and this profession is really booming these days.

5. SEO: This is also a part of Digital Marketing

This is a small course of 4-5 months duration called Search Engine Optimization course, this course is a very good option for any individual to earn a handy amount of money and can be easily learned with basic knowledge of computers and English language.

This course is basically designed for teaching the steps to help any website or application getting a good rank or reviews. This course and profession is in a good demand these days. This work can be easily learned from home and executed from home as well. An SEO is required by any new company’s website or application on the internet, to catch a good amount of customers by getting good reviews and rankings.

The individual who holds the degree of an SEO expert can easily get employed in any online company with a good and stable income or can work as a freelancer.

6. Typing Course

Typing is the basic and must needed skill for any individual working in tech or any computer related field. Typing course is a very short duration course but it helps to improve and enhances the implementation of other major courses related to this field. It adds more speed, and helps to carry out any CS or IT related work faster by any professional.

It shows the level of professional skills of any student/ candidate. This course can be learned very easily through any liable software at very low cost and in minimum duration of time,

This course is a must for any individual who is not even in CS or IT field, because typing is a skill that is used in everyday life of every individual nowadays. Whether we are typing emails or dropping a message in social media.

Above courses can not be considered as major courses in the field of computers. But these courses forms the basic background for any other advancements and further learning in computer. These courses increase the possibility of getting a job earlier and faster, it adds some extra weight in anyone’s profile or portfolio. These courses can be easily learned in the meantime and definitely worth the time and money spent.

There are many many courses in the market in the field of computer systems and technology but thinking about the future scopes and requirements, the above courses are the best computer courses for jobs.

Best Computer Courses to Get a Job in India - Related FAQs

Computer courses in cybersecurity, data science, data analysis, etc. are best for getting jobs in India.

Nowadays the computer skills in demand are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. They are being incorporated in various job roles.

The ease of a course is a relative concept. But courses in Data Science, AI, and Cyber security can be pursued after the 12th standard, and they also have high salaries. 

Any basic computer courses are good enough for getting government jobs. Still, courses like the Basic Computer Course, Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications, Data Entry Operator, or Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting are good courses for government jobs.

Jobs related to data science, AI, business analysis, or product management will be in high demand in 2025 in India.

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