Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in UK

Whether you're looking for your first graduate job or changing careers, a good starting salary and high potential earnings will almost certainly play a role in your decision. So, what are the highest-paying jobs in the United Kingdom?

We don't want to put all of our efforts into our education and professional qualifications only to end up with a job that only pays enough to cover the bills.

Career opportunities abound in the United Kingdom, and salaries are competitive enough to meet your financial goals. However, if you're wondering which one might be particularly profitable for you, here you will find the list of highest-paying jobs.

Highest Paying Jobs in UK

1. Lawyer

National average salary: £51,237 per year

2. Chief Executive Officer

National average salary: £61,805 per year

3. Actuary

National average salary: £64,362 per year

4. Marketing Director

National average salary: £69,049 per year

5. Managing Director 

National average salary: £74,450 per year

6. IT Director 

National average salary: £77,446 per year

7. Director of Engineering

National average salary: £78,368 per year

8. Tax Director 

National average salary: £89,619 per year

9. Dermatologist

 National average salary: £86,734 per year

10. Plastic Surgeon

 National average salary: £90,531 per year

Highest Paid Jobs Based on Skills in UK

As a graduate, you must consider not only your salary but also the career that best matches your skills and interests.

To assist you in finding the ideal balance between starting salary and job satisfaction here is a compiled list of the highest-paying jobs based on specific criteria:

Best Jobs for Technical Skills

Best Jobs for Good Communicators

Best Creative Jobs

 Best Jobs for Mathematics Graduates

Why Work in London?

London, as a large city and a well-known international hub for business, finance, and the creative industries, is brimming with incredible opportunities to help you advance your career. 

Whether you are currently living abroad and considering relocating to London, or you are from one of the UK's smaller cities, London will undoubtedly have the ideal role for you. Some of the UK’s highest paying jobs are in London.

London has a diverse range of job opportunities, whether you're looking for your next corporate banking position or a role in a quirky tech start-up. It's a fantastic city for advancing your career quickly, more so than anywhere else in the UK.

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