Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in UK

Whether you're looking for your first graduate job or changing careers, a good starting salary and high potential earnings will almost certainly play a role in your decision. So, what are the highest-paying jobs in the United Kingdom?

We don't want to put all of our efforts into our education and professional qualifications only to end up with a job that only pays enough to cover the bills.

Career opportunities abound in the United Kingdom, and salaries are competitive enough to meet your financial goals. However, if you're wondering which one might be particularly profitable for you, here you will find the list of highest-paying jobs.

Highest Paying Jobs in UK

1. Lawyer

  • A lawyer is a licensed practitioner who gives legal advice to individuals or businesses.

  • In the United Kingdom, a lawyer can practice as either a solicitor or a barrister.

  • A solicitor provides legal advice to their clients, whereas a barrister represents them in court. 

  • Lawyers can also work as chartered legal executives, which entails specializing in a specific area of law, such as criminal litigation or corporate law.

National average salary: £51,237 per year

2. Chief Executive Officer

  • A chief executive officer, or CEO, is one of a company's corporate executives.

  • They make critical decisions about business strategies and key policies in order to maximize the company's value.

  • This could include increasing a company's share price, market share, or revenue.

  • They are usually given their job description by a board of directors and report directly to them.

National average salary: £61,805 per year

3. Actuary

  • Actuaries are business experts who solve business problems by applying their knowledge of economics, statistics, probability theory, and investment theory.

  • One important aspect of the job is predicting emerging financial risk and devising strategies to mitigate the risk if it occurs.

  • Actuaries may manage a company's financial assets and liabilities, determine the pricing of insurance premiums, or advise a company on pension plans, depending on their position.

National average salary: £64,362 per year

4. Marketing Director

  • Marketing directors promote a company's products or services in order to increase profits and market share.

  • Their responsibilities include creating and managing effective marketing campaigns, staying current on market trends, and cultivating strong relationships with a company's clients.

  • They also assist marketing managers and their teams, as well as with a company's marketing plans and advertising.

National average salary: £69,049 per year

5. Managing Director 

  • A managing director is the most senior position in a company.

  • They are in charge of putting a company's policies into action and ensuring that the company's business strategy is geared toward growth and increased profits.

  • Other responsibilities include representing their company at public events, as well as leading and mentoring other board members.

National average salary: £74,450 per year

6. IT Director 

  • An IT director is a senior management position in a company.

  • They manage and direct IT operations throughout an organization and collaborate closely with managers in various departments to assess their IT requirements.

  • They also provide technical advice and leadership wherever it is needed. IT directors typically work for businesses that rely heavily on computer systems for success.

National average salary: £77,446 per year

7. Director of Engineering

  • A director of engineering coordinates and manages a company's engineering staff and operations.

  • Their responsibilities include project management, engineering department direction, and technical staff supervision.

  • A director of engineering, as opposed to engineering managers who manage individual projects, provides support for multiple projects and keeps track of significant milestones.

National average salary: £78,368 per year

8. Tax Director 

  • Tax directors develop, plan, and implement a company's tax strategy.

  • They ensure that a company's tax returns are correct and that its tax obligations are minimized. It is also their responsibility to ensure that a business complies with all applicable tax laws.

  • They usually report to upper management.

National average salary: £89,619 per year

9. Dermatologist

  • A dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in diseases and conditions of the skin, hair, nails, and mucous membranes.

  • Eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, acne, hair loss, and shingles are among the conditions they treat.

  • Dermatologists not only treat diseases but also provide cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, fillers, and laser procedures.

 National average salary: £86,734 per year

10. Plastic Surgeon

  • A plastic surgeon is a licensed medical practitioner who uses surgery to repair and reconstruct the human body.

  • Reconstructive surgery, which includes the treatment of burn wounds and craniofacial surgery, involves restoring form and function after an illness or injury.

  • Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, involves changing a healthy person's appearance through surgery, such as breast augmentation or rhinoplasty.

 National average salary: £90,531 per year

Highest Paid Jobs Based on Skills in UK

As a graduate, you must consider not only your salary but also the career that best matches your skills and interests.

To assist you in finding the ideal balance between starting salary and job satisfaction here is a compiled list of the highest-paying jobs based on specific criteria:

Best Jobs for Technical Skills

  • Data Engineer: They are in charge of providing and maintaining analytics infrastructures, such as databases and large-scale processing systems.

  • Web Developer - A Web Developer, also known as a Web Programmer, is in charge of designing, coding, and updating websites.

  • Software Developer - Also known as a Computer Programmer, is in charge of designing and coding computer programs and operating systems.

Best Jobs for Good Communicators

  • Operations Manager - An Operations Manager is responsible for a variety of tasks such as finance and invoicing human resources, and business analysis.

  • Account Manager - An Account Manager may work for a variety of companies, ranging from public relations to financial services. Their job is to manage client relationships and, on occasion, sales.

  • Project Manager - They plan to organize and supervise aspects of one or more projects (s). They will need to organize employees, resources, and various tasks in order to work toward a common goal in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Best Creative Jobs

  • Creative Lead - They work on a specific aspect of a larger project and may serve as a team leader for a group of artists. They will make creative decisions for brands and businesses while working on projects such as advertisements, websites, products, and events.

  • UI/UX Designer - A UI Designer is responsible for the look and layout of a product's user interface. A UX Designer, on the other hand, focuses on the user experience of a product, or how something works and how people interact with it.

  • Social Media Executive - They are a member of a marketing team that manages all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, YouTube, and Pinterest.

 Best Jobs for Mathematics Graduates

  • Business Analyst -They are in charge of analyzing company data such as financials, operations, and technology. They help to set business goals and implement processes to achieve those goals, so they, like an Operations Manager, will need to have a thorough understanding of the company's existing processes.

  • Financial Analyst - They examine and report on financial data, which is then used to inform business decisions.

  • Junior Accountant - An Accountant works as part of a finance team and is in charge of recording business transactions, reporting financial performance, and issuing financial statements.

Why Work in London?

London, as a large city and a well-known international hub for business, finance, and the creative industries, is brimming with incredible opportunities to help you advance your career. 

Whether you are currently living abroad and considering relocating to London, or you are from one of the UK's smaller cities, London will undoubtedly have the ideal role for you. Some of the UK’s highest paying jobs are in London.

London has a diverse range of job opportunities, whether you're looking for your next corporate banking position or a role in a quirky tech start-up. It's a fantastic city for advancing your career quickly, more so than anywhere else in the UK.