Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

Canada is one of the most coveted job destinations in the world. Economic growth and favorable immigration policies make this a desirable destination for professionals seeking new experiences.

There are many top-paying jobs in Canada that you can research and choose depending on your field of interest. 

List of Best Paying Jobs in Canada

When you look for a job, remuneration is a major factor along with your interest, field of expertise, work culture, etc. So, to help you make a wise decision, here is a list of the top 12 highest paying jobs in Canada -

Job Profile Average Salary


CA$90T - CA$2L per year


CA$233K - CA$450K per year


CA$1L - CA$3L per year

IT Professional 

CA$70K - CA$118K per year

Marketing Professional

CA$62K - CA$103K per year


CA$81T - CA$1L per year


CA$81T - CA$1L per year

PR Professional

CA$61K - CA$82K per year

Data Scientist

CA$74T - CA$1L per year

Cyber Security Analyst

CA$63T - CA$89T per year

Business Intelligence Analyst

CA$61T - CA$85T per year

Registered Nurse

CA$95K - CA$126K per year


Dentistry is a regulated profession and is one of the best-paying jobs in Canada. The average salary of a dentist in Canada in 2024 is between CA$90T to CA$2L per year.

Dentists diagnose and treat disorders related to the teeth, gums, and mouths of patients. They can be employed in private practice or at hospitals, clinics, etc.

How to Become a Dentist in Canada? 

To become a Dentist in Canada, you need to have a BDS, DDS, or DMD degree. You also need to hold a NDEB certificate.

However, the degree may vary if you want to be a specialist or a general Dentist. You can be a specialist as an Orthodontist, Periodontist, Pediatric Dentist, etc.


Another one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada is that of a surgeon. The average salary of a Surgeon in Canada in 2024 ranges between CA$233K - CA$450K per year.

Canada is considered one of the best countries in the world in terms of providing quality healthcare services. Therefore, the demand for Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons, Cardiothoracic Surgeons, and General Physicians is quite high in Canada.

How to Become a Surgeon in Canada?

It takes time to be a trained surgeon in a desired specialization. The following is necessary to become a surgeon -


The profession of a Psychiatrist is another one of the top paying jobs in Canada. The expected average salary of a Psychiatrist in Canada is between CA$1L and CA$3L per year.

A psychiatrist treats mental illness in patients. There is a shortage of psychiatrists in Canada, mostly in the rural and northern areas of Canada. 

As reported by various sources, there were 48,500 professionals engaged in this profession in the year 2018, and this is expected to grow by 32,500 between the years 2019 to 2028. The current demand for this profession is high in Canada, and the scope of employment opportunities in the coming years is equally tremendous.

How to Become a Psychiatrist in Canada?

A psychiatrist is involved in counseling, Clinical Psychology, diagnosis, and treatment planning of people with mental illnesses. To practice as a Psychiatrist in Canada, you must -

IT Professional

The demand for IT professionals is quite high in Canada like in other countries. As the world is heavily relying on advanced technology in every sphere of life, Canada is no exception. 

The average yearly salary of an IT Professional in Canada in 2024 is between CA$70K and CA$118K.

IT professionals like Software Engineers, Data Scientists, IT project managers, Blockchain Developers, Network Engineers, and Cloud Architects are in high demand. Even IoT Specialists, Cloud Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, and Full-Stack Developers are coveted career choices.

How to Become an IT Professional in Canada?

To be employed as an IT Professional, you must have the following educational qualifications -

Marketing Professional

One of the top 20 highest paying jobs in Canada is that of Marketing Professionals or Marketing Managers. Marketing as a career in Canada offers challenging as well as rewarding opportunities. 

A Marketing Professional can expect a salary of CA$62K - CA$103K per year in 2024 in Canada.

There is an increased demand for marketing professionals like graphic designers, project managers, and brand managers in Canada. They are responsible for building, sustaining, and improving the brand image of a product or service.

How to Become a Marketing Professional in Canada?

Marketing jobs can be one of the highest paying jobs in Canada for commerce students as well. All that is necessary for this career is -


The career of a Pilot is one of the top paying jobs in Canada, and the aviation industry has a stable job market for them. A Pilot’s salary ranges from CA$81T - CA$1L per year in 2024.

There is an increased demand for commercial pilots in Canada along with pilots for government and security services related to aviation services. The opportunities available for licensed commercial pilots are huge in Canada, and it is also expected that the demand will increase further in the next 10 years.

How to Become a Pilot in Canada?

The path to becoming a Pilot may seem long, but the career is worth it. Here is how you can become a licensed pilot in Canada -


There is a huge demand for lawyers or attorneys in Canada. According to a report published by Jobs Bank Canada, almost 106,000 people had engaged in this profession in the year 2018, and there is a clear possibility of this number going up in the coming years. 

A lawyer can expect a yearly salary ranging from CA$81T - CA$1L per year in 2024. Corporate law is in high demand in Canada followed by laws related to litigation, privacy, data security, and information.

How to Become a Lawyer in Canada?

To become a lawyer in Canada, you need to fulfill the following qualifications -

PR Professional

Another profession that has a good demand in Canada is that of a public relations professional. A PR professional is someone who helps a business organization or individual to build and sustain a positive image of it in front of the public. 

PR professionals are always in demand as almost all technical, fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and all other industries have requirements for PR professionals. 

The average yearly salary of a PR professional ranges between CA$61K and CA$82K in 2024.

How to Become a PR Professional in Canada?

There is no fixed qualification required to pursue the career of a PR Professional. However, if you have a degree or diploma in journalism and mass communication or any other related field of marketing, you will be in an advantageous position to get a job.

This might also be a good option among the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for students, as you can get internships in this field.

Data Scientist

A data scientist finds patterns and trends in datasets to uncover insights. They use machine learning techniques to improve the quality of data or product offerings. They might use tools like Python, R, SAS, or SQL on a day-to-day basis.

The average salary of a data scientist ranges from CA$74T to CA$1L per year in Canada.

How to Become a Data Scientist in Canada?

To get a job as a Data Scientist, you should have the following qualifications - 

Cyber Security Analyst

Given the high use of internet-connected devices in offices, the vulnerability to cyberattacks has increased manifold. It is one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada in 2024. The average salary of a Cyber Security Analyst is in the range of CA$63T to CA$89T per year.

Cyber Security Analysts protect a company’s hardware, software, and networks from cybercriminals. A cybersecurity professional configures tools and evaluates potential weaknesses. They evaluate and report threats, and work towards improving the network security.

How to Become a Cyber Security Analyst in Canada?

A certificate in Cyber Security is a good way to start your career in this field. You can then get a college diploma or a graduate degree. Any experience in related fields will be helpful.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst uses data to check the cost-benefit of projects and assess previously taken strategies. They often recommend solutions to improve the company’s performance.

Thus, this is an important role for any organization’s success. This can be one of the highest-paying jobs in Canada for commerce students. The average salary ranges from CA$61T to CA$85T per year currently.

How to Become a Business Intelligence Analyst in Canada?

If you are looking for ‘highest paying part-time jobs in Canada for students’, you can start an internship under a Business Intelligence Analyst. To become a successful business analyst, you need to have the following qualifications -

Registered Nurse

Along with an increased demand for dentists, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals, there is a great demand for registered nursing practitioners and psychiatric nurses in Canada.  It’s a job that requires detailed knowledge of medical care and patience. 

Given the rise in demand and shortage of nurse registered nurse practitioners in Canada, it’s one of the best-paying jobs in Canada. A registered nurse is expected to make around CA$95K - CA$126K per year in 2024.

How to Become a Registered Nurse in Canada?

To become a registered nurse practitioner in Canada, you need to undergo rigorous study and training after you fulfill the following -

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