Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

There are diversified sectors where employees get paid well in Canada. The highest paying jobs in Canada are not only confined to the IT sector like India. The country offers exciting career opportunities in diversified sectors and pays lucrative remuneration to employees based on their experience and performance. Click Here! highest paying jobs in india

List of Highest paying jobs in Canada

If you want to check more about cxareer options in Canada, here is a list of some of the best paying jobs in Canada for international students and Canadians –

Dentists Surgeons Psychiatrists
IT Professionals Marketing Professionals Pilots
Lawyers PR professionals Sales Managers / Associates
Business Operations manager Utilities Managers Registered Nurses

Top Paying Jobs in Canada - Surgeon:

Another highest paying job in Canada is that of surgeon. Canada is considered as one of the best countries in the world in terms of providing quality healthcare services. Therefore, the demand for Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic Surgeon, Cardiothoracic Surgeon and General Physician is quite high in Canada.

Surgeon Salary in Canada

How to become a Surgeon?

It takes time to be a trained surgeon in a desired specialization. A candidate has to fulfill the following –

Top Paying Jobs in Canada - Psychiatrist:

The profession of a psychiatrist is another best paying profession in Canada. A psychiatrist is someone who treats mental illness in patients. There is a shortage of psychiatrists in Canada, mostly in the rural and northern areas of Canada. As reported by various sources, There were 48,500 professionals engaged in this profession in the year 2018, and this is expected to grow by 32,500 between the year 2019 to 28. Not only is the current demand for this profession high in Canada, the scope of employment opportunities in the coming years is also equally tremendous.

Patient Counselling, Clinical Psychology, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning of mentally ill patients – these are some of the job responsibilities that a psychiatrist is expected to fulfill.

Psychiatrist Salary in Canada

How to become a Psychiatrist?

In order to become a Psychiatrist, one must have -

Top Paying Jobs in Canada - IT Professionals:

The demand for IT professionals is quite high in Canada like other countries. When the entire world is heavily relying on advanced technology in every sphere of life, Canada is also no exception to this. IT professionals like Software Engineers, Data Scientists, IT project managers, Blockchain Developers, Network Engineers, Cloud Architects, IoT Specialists, Cloud Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Full-Stack Developers are very much in demand and they are paid pretty well in Canada.

IT Professionals Salary in Canada

How to become an IT Professional?

To be an IT Professional, you need to have the following educational qualification -

Top Paying Jobs in Canada - Marketing Professionals:

Another highest paying profession in Canada is that of Marketing professionals or Marketing managers. Marketing as a career in Canada offers challenging as well as rewarding opportunities. There is an increased demand for marketing professionals like graphic designers, project managers and brand managers in Canada, who are basically responsible for building, sustaining and improving the brand image of a product or services.

Marketing Professionals Salary in Canada

How to become Marketing Professionals?

Top Paying Jobs in Canada - Pilot:

The aviation industry in Canada has a stable job market for the pilots. The job of a pilot is another top paying job in Canada. There is an increased demand for commercial pilots in Canada along with pilots for government and security services related aviation services. Being one of the exciting and most rewarding careers, the employment prospects for pilots, flying instructors and flight engineers are quite good in Canada. Not only are the opportunities available for licensed commercial pilots are huge in Canada, it is also expected that the demand for pilots will increase further in the next 10 years as many licensed pilots are close to retirement.

Pilot Salary in Canada-

Pilots are paid well in Canada like in other countries across the world.

How to become a Pilot?

Listed below is the procedure of becoming a successful pilot in Canada-

Best Paying Jobs in Canada - Lawyer:

There is a huge demand for lawyers or attorneys in Canada. According to a report published by Jobs Bank Canada, almost 106,000 people had engaged in this profession in the year 2018, and there is a clear possibility of this number going up in the coming years. If you are a law student who has been practicing law in a different country, you may qualify to immigrate to Canada easily if you choose to relocate to Canada. Law is not only an exciting profession in Canada and has a rising demand, it is lucrative too. Corporate law is in high demand in Canada followed by laws related to litigation, privacy, data security and information.

Lawyer Salary in Canada-

How to Become a Lawyer?

In order to become a lawyer in Canada, you need to fulfill the following -

Best Paying Jobs in Canada - PR professionals:

Another profession that has a good demand in Canada is that of a public relations professional. A PR professional is someone who helps a business organization or individual to build and sustain a positive image of it in front of the public. They do it by adopting various paid and free channels of communication. The job of a PR professional is an exciting career option in Canada where almost all technical, fintech, e-commerce, healthcare and all other industries have requirements for PR professionals.

PR professional’s salary in Canada-

How to become a PR professional?

There is no fixed qualification required to pursue the career of a PR Professional. However, if you have a degree or diploma in journalism and mass communication or any other related field of marketing, you will be in an advantageous position to get a job.

Best Paying Jobs in Canada - Sales associates/ Managers:

The career in sales is another in demand profession in Canada. In fact it is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada for commerce students. A competent sales manager or representative can help a business grow like anything. They are usually appointed by stores, retail and wholesale businesses to increase their sales of a product or service. A sales manager is basically responsible for identifying new clients and building relationships, highlighting the benefits of a product or service, doing negotiations and finally developing contracts.

Sales manager salary in Canada

How to become a Sales manager/ Sales associate?

In order to pursue your career in sales and marketing, it is not mandatory to have a degree. What matters most is your experience in the relevant field. However, having a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration or any other field related to specific products is a plus.

Best Paying Jobs in Canada - Business Operations manager:

The Business Operations manager helps a business run smoothly by working across various teams, aligning business processes, setting goals, executing initiatives, and improving company processes. They manage the complete business operations including the company budget.

Business Operations Manager Salary in Canada

How to Become a Business Operations Manager?

To become a business operations manager in Canada, you should fulfill the following criteria –

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada - Utilities Managers:

Another most in-demand job in Canada is that of Utilities Managers. A Utilities manager is someone who works in both the public and private sector and oversees the large teams of specialists dealing with areas like electrical power, water treatment, waste management and natural gas. He/she is primarily responsible for distribution of water, electricity, waste management, and pollution control in localized communities. The job of a Utilities manager requires a wide range of knowledge and experience.

Utilities Manager’s Aalary in Canada

How to Become a Utilities Manager?

To pursue the professional of Utilities manager, you need to have –

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada - Registered Nurses:

Along with an increased demand for dentists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals, there is a great demand for registered nurse practitioners and registered psychiatric nurses in Canada. Nursing is one of the leading career options in Canada who are basically trained healthcare professionals involved in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment process of patients.

It’s a job that requires detailed knowledge of medical care and patience. Given the rise in demand and shortage of nurse registered nurse practitioners in Canada, it’s one of the best-paying jobs in Canada. According to a report published by Job Bank, Canada – it is expected that there will be a total of 191,100 new job openings for registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses in Canada between the periods of 2019 – 2028, while 154,600 new job seekers are expected to be available to fill them.

Registered Nurses Salary in Canada

How to be a Registered Nurse?

In order to become a registered nurse practitioner in Canada, you need to undergo rigorous study and training after you fulfill the following -

Jobs that are Less in Demand in Canada

Here is a list of lowest paying jobs in Canada that do not provide lucrative salaries usually -

Although these jobs are considered as some of the lowest paying jobs in Canada, however, depending on the seniority level, experience and demand, the salary of above mentioned professionals may go up.

Canada as a Career Destination

Canada is a country that has a wide range of high-paying industries along with a very conducive working environment to help employees maintain a healthy work life balance. All the leading industries including IT, healthcare, Finance have a firm footing in Canada. Besides, industries like construction, oil and gas, and mining are also growing in Canada opening up huge employment opportunities to Canadians and immigrant professionals.

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These are some of the reasons, any career enthusiast may choose Canada as his/her career destination so that they can enjoy their professional life, maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life and earn a rewarding salary at the end of the month.

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