Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

Indians mostly prefer government jobs due to the comfort, perks, handsome salaries, work-life balance, and job security. Every year many candidates apply for these jobs and appear in the exams. The selection process is tough, but these jobs offer maximum security. This is why many people switch from private jobs to the highest paying government jobs in India.

7 Highest Paying Government Jobs in India with Salary

Obtaining a seat in the highest paying govt jobs in India is a strong interest. Every year, lacs of applicants sit in the exams. These jobs not just provide several perks and facilities to the chosen candidates but also offer lifetime job security with an attractive salary.

Let’s delve into the details about the 7 highest paying government jobs in India with salary and the eligibility criteria for them! To know more about top highest paying jobs in india

Government Jobs Eligibility Examination Salary
Indian Forest Service Graduation UPSC INR 52,000
Indian Foreign Service Graduation UPSC INR 60,000
RBI Grade-B Graduation RBI INR 67,000
Defense Services 12th, Graduation CDS, AFCAT, NDA INR 65,000
PSU Graduation, Engineering GATE INR 52,000
Scientists in DRDO and ISRO Masters in Respective Fields, Engineering ISRO and DRDO INR 60,000
Lecturers in Government Colleges Post Graduation UGC NET INR 40,000

1. Indian Forest Service (IFoS)

This is the best government job if you like to stay and enjoy the serene beauty of nature and wish to escape the hustle-bustle of city life. IFoS officers need to serve in the forestry and wildlife fields. They can enjoy lots of adventure. Their main duty is to safeguard the environment, take care of the requirements of forest dwellers, and regulate the forest activities and mines in the protected areas.

Key facilities and perks offered to an IFoS officer include:

2. Indian Foreign Service (IFS)

This is the most valuable job in India. The controlling authority of IFS is the Ministry of External Affairs. An IFS officer represents India in foreign countries and spends his maximum time in other nations. The selection of an IFS officer depends on the UPSC Civil Service Examination. IFS officers are handsomely paid and receive extra foreign allowance also.

Key facilities and perks offered to an IFS officer include:

3. RBI Grade-B

Reserve Bank of India is one of the most esteemed Indian banks. For every interested applicant, RBI Grade-B is the best designation. The candidate should sit in the RBI exams. The Grade-B officer of RBI can certainly get promotions in the future. RBI Grade-B officers get one of the most handsome salaries in India.

Key facilities and perks offered to an RBI Grade-B officer are:

4. Defense Services

Defense services are also one of the highest paying govt jobs in India. The applicants require appearing in defense examinations like AFCAT, NDA, CDS, etc. After secondary school or finishing your graduation degree, you can join the defense. The job role of a defense officer is demanding and risky. However, applicants receive a lot of facilities also. Moreover, they are paid attractive salaries.

Key facilities and perks provided to a defense officer include:

5. Public Sector Undertakings (PSU)

If you are an engineer and do not prefer a corporate lifestyle, you can go for Public Sector Undertakings. PSU offers both handsome salaries and exceptional job security compared to private jobs. The salaries are not the same for all PSU officers. The salary structure has minor modifications for most of the PSU applicants. GATE exam is the most preferred way to get a job in Public Sector Undertakings. These public sector jobs will land you in IOCL, ONGC, SAIL, Coal India, BSNL, MTNL, BPCL, and BHEL.

Key facilities and perks offered to a PSU officer include:

6. Scientists in DRDO and ISRO

If you are an engineering candidate, you can apply for the position of scientist in DRDO and ISRO. This position is ideal if you have a passion for the research and development department. The scientists in DRDO and ISRO are the dream jobs of many science candidates. Being one of the highest paying government jobs in India, these jobs provide the highest salary and other allowances.

Key facilities and benefits offered to the scientists in DRDO and ISRO are:

7. Lecturers in Government Colleges

Working as a professor or lecturer in a government college is a highly respected job. The lecturers need to teach college candidates, research, and services. Being a professor, you can write a book, conduct studies on your specialized subject, and more. You must have amazing communication skills to deal with other teachers, professors, and students. Moreover, you should be a quick learner as you need to even learn from your students also. You must give good career advice to your students.

Key facilities and advantages provided to the lecturers of a government college include:


Proper dedication, commitment, and effort can help you succeed, although attaining a government job is a difficult process nowadays. You will definitely get one of the highest-paying government jobs in India if you are a real dream chaser. The aforesaid 7 government jobs are obtainable just through competitive examinations. Hence, if you want to become a government employee, ensure to prepare yourself from the early phase.

Highest Paying Government Jobs in India - Related FAQs

Ans: The job of an IFS, IPS, and IAS provides the absolute facilities.

Ans: You must be 21 years old to sit in a government job exam.

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Ans: IBPS examinations conducted for clerical recruitment for public sector banks are easiest to crack.


  • IIT JEE Entrance Examinations
  • UPSC Civil Service Entrance Examinations
  • Common Entrance Test (CAT)
  • Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)
  • National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)
  • National Defense Academy (NDA)

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